Multi Tone Hair Colors

Multi tone hair colors are for the braves that are not afraid of radical transformations. Here you can find the most stylish multi tone hair colors that will surely inspire you for your next looks. Try to choose the best shades that match your skin complexion and eye color.

Top 10 Craziest Rainbow Hair Colors

Are you already aware of the crazy tendency of wearing rainbow hair colors? They are here! Look at these incredible top 10 craziest rainbow hair colors that will drive you mad and will make you think of it’s artistic side. Why do people go for such kind of changes? Don’t overload your mind with these questions. You’ll get the answers just now and just here. Let’s go!rainbow hair colors on a braidRainbow hair colors include the colors of the bright rainbow sometimes reflecting the most vivid hues that can be made on the base of lighter hues. You wear all the possible rainbow colors on your hair and look like a pixie from a fairy tale. It sounds even fascinating. Actually these are colorful highlights that look pretty both in thinner and thicker styles. They cover your whole hiding the hair color you used to wear. Though going for rainbow hair colors is a kind of risky but there are 2 ways you can do it; permanent and temporary. You know that dying your hair with a deep hair dye you’ll need much time to change your look in the future that’s why our smart hairstylist offer the temporary hair dying method which allows you dye your hair for  a short period of time and unlike standard hair coloring temporary coloring demands less effort.

Tie- Dye Hair Color Ideas

Dyeing your hair with the tie dye technique is a great way of refreshing the look of your hair. It’s quite easy and enjoyable. You even don’t need to visit salon to get one of these results. Many hairstylists call this kind of hair dying dip dyeing. Whatever it is called the main idea is to give your hair more attractive and funky look by dying your locks with different colors.Tie- Dye Hair with pastel huesThough many use long lasting process while getting this result but we are here to offer you the easiest way of tie dye hair coloring.  We’ll also offer the best tie dye hair color ideas.

Edgy Hair Colors

Some incredible looks can provide edgy hair colors which bring dramatic touch to your hair. Thy will defiantly amuse your friends and family members since the appearance they give totally differs from your previous looks. As there are millions of edgy hair colors we have collected the most fashionable and popular hues on great hairstyles. They perfectly show off your open-minded nature and extravagant way of thinking. Besides, the attractiveness these colors give always make you feel the surprising looks around you. We can say that edgy hair colors are the revolutionary colors that break all traditional rules of hair coloring. Here you see such solutions that make ideal contrasts like blonde and blue combo.Edgy Hair Color blonde blueIf you don’t want to go for an entire hair dyeing perhaps you’ll like the idea of experimenting half hair coloring method. It can be done with the help of chunky highlights or the great dip-dyed section. To get such effect you are supposed to ask for the help of your hairdresser. Take into account the matching factor of your skin tone and the chosen colors. Defiantly use hair color protective formulas to keep the fantastic effect for a long period of time.

Chic Hair Color Ideas 2016

Bring some craziness with your new chic hair color. 2016 loves to provide hair colors that are crazy and original and make you look brave enough. Chic hair color ideas 2016 are here to inspire you for your next looks. These pictures will help to orientate what hairstyle and what hair colors you need for 2016. Besides being extravagant chic hair colors are also unique and interesting. They tend to keep your look fashionable and attractive. Dyeing you hair with one of these hair colors you’ll stand out from the crowd with your amazing look.Chic Hair Color purpleAll you need to get such results is to style your hair with a rich hair color palette. Before going for any of these hairstyles ask for the help of a good hairstylist who best knows what hair colors and what haircuts will suit your skin tone and face features. First of all get a haircut that works with your face features than choose suitable hair colors.

Awesome Red Lowlights

There are different ways of enriching your hair color. One of the most effective options is lowlights. Red lowlights are often worn to bring a little transformation into your hair color. Red is the color that has many hues starting from the brightest colors to the coolest tints. As for hair colors there are burgundy, dark cherry, sangria, maroon and several other shades of red. They can give you great eyectahing highlightsRed lowlights can best go with the hues of brown for base hair colors. They can emphasize the base color and give extra dimensional effect to the hair. If you are blonde and want to go for red lowlights it’s better to take lighter hues not to look too contrasting. Though, it can be quite original. There are cases when hairstylists offer to combine red lowlights with highlights. They are also used with other color to make an extraordinary combination. Now, let’s discuss several good examples.

Red Lowlights on Brunette Hair Color

red lowlights on brunette hair colorThis medium length hairstyle looks beautiful with red lowlights that you can easily get at home. They are spared over brunette hair color and don’t tend to make it lose it’s effect. Moreover, red lowlights go with brunette hair color and add extra dimension. If you want to get this effect you’d better take shades of red that are closer to brown or brunette hair colors.

Celebrities with Red Hair Color

Each change of our celebrities on their appearance inspires many of us. We cannot but fall in love the unique hairstyles they have and the original approach they use to bring a differing look.  Every time we see them on red carpet they glow with their fantastic and gorgeous outfits and hair coloring solutions. If you look for more attractive, flashy and outstanding hair color you are supposed to follow the great examples of celebs who find the best hairstylists to create fascinating transformations.Fiery Red of RihannaAs you have already noticed the trendiest colors are the brightest and the most vibrant hair colors that bring fantastic effects. In this article we’ll discuss the trendiest red hair colors of celebrities. So, red is the color that can amazingly transform your look making it more attractive and more delicate. The rich red hair color palette offers a great chance of choosing the best hue for each skin complexion.

Rainbow Hair Colors for Summer 2016

Summer is the season of getting crazy, having fun and amusing people around you with creative changes on your appearance. Here we represent you the best and the most creative Rainbow Hair Colors for summer 2016. All of them are lovely but try to pick the one that best suits your complexion and eye color.Rainbow Hair Color MixtureRainbow hairstyle is the style that demands two and more color mixtures and it’s quite a risky one. Before dying your hair with rainbow hair colors we recommend you to find a professional hairstylist and avoid doing it by yourself. If you don’t want failed or odd looks you are supposed to take colors the way they could look harmonious and balanced. Rainbow color palette really gives you that great chance.

5 Creative Hair Colors for 2016

2016 is original due to it’s tendency of creative approaches in fashion. On of the most impressive transformation suggests hair coloring. If you want to look even more unique and creative you are in the right place. Here we will show you the best hair colors for 2016 that have a touch of creativity. From the most neutral to the most vivid colors you can see hairstyles that look pretty enough and are original due to their solutions.

Fiery Red Hair Colorfiery red hair colorThis perfectly rich red hair color is going to show off it’s bravery and hotness. According to your natural shade this effect can be achieved in a one or two-step process. You need to do frequent touch ups as red is the color that demands attention and regular care. To keep it’s fantastic shade and flashy look you need to keep it fresh and always shiny. It may bring several bright hues under the rays of the sun. You’ll enjoy the way it expresses itself.  Fiery red hair color best works with fair skin and light-colored eyes.

Multi Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2016

Need radical changes? Try multi tone hair colors just this year. Recently Multi Tone Hair Colors became popular and widely used. They look fabulous and luxurious. The immediate change of colors would make you a different person and your look will be just stunning. As we know hair colors have the ability to soften our facial features, and multi hair colors give us a great opportunity to choose the best color that matches our facial features. Multi colors allow you to be in the center of attention and if you mix totally different colors the effect will be more fascinating. But before choosing a hair color try to be sure it suits with your skin tone and with your eye colors. This article is devoted just to Multi Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2016. We focus on the most fashionable and stylish solutions that hairstylists offer for 2016. Keep on reading and you’ll realize how beautiful and fantastic multi hair colors look.

Soft blonde with blue highlights 2016

The modern hairdressers know what techniques to use to get the desired result, Multi hair colors are not that easy to create as they are combinations of two and more colors that should work with each other. So, choosing the colors and the hues of multi colors depends not only on your hairdresser but also on your taste.

ombre hair color with multy tones

If you want to combine colors that don’t match together we can say that it’s a risky step and the result may not be so satisfying. So, be careful while mixing colors. You can choose 2 or 3 hair color hues of the same color and you can take totally different colors. For classier look it is advisable to take tints of the same hair color, but if you want to have an original and differing look that will be more eye-catching you can mix different colors.