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Celebrity Hair Colors

If you are looking for the trendiest and the most fashionable looks of our modern celebrities, than these articles can help you find the recent hair colors of Hollywood stars. The shades that they choose best match with the fashion of 2017 and bring a touch of freshness. Take examples form our great celebs and be as unique as you need.

Two Tone Hair Color: Blonde and Brown

Two tone hair colors are stylish and look stunning enough. Blending brown and blonde hair colors makes a pretty effect that is worn on curly, straight and wavy hair. Our fashionable celebrities try this hair coloring style time to time and among them you can see Sarah Jessica Parker, Jamie Lynn Spears, Maria Menounos,  Leona Lewis, Jessica Simpson,  Kaley Cuoco and Beyonce.

Jessica Simpson looks very nice with brown and blonde hair colors on her straight hair. Blonde chunky layers bring warmth to her brown hair color. These two tones go with her complexion perfectly. If you like this effect you can go for it matching with your skin tone.Jessica Simposn blonde brown two tone hair colorLeona Lewis has chosen the best shades for her complexion. The lighter hues may look dull and not so beautiful if you have such kind of tanned skin complexion. Having them on your curly and long hair you’ll look just as pretty as Leona.

Hair Highlights for Olive Skin: Trends 2016

For 2016 take into account that natural hair colors are again back. These trends include many pretty multi tonal hairstyles and offer plenty options of hair highlights and color combinations that are going to amuse you. This time again, we’ll discuss several looks of our fashionable celebrities that are here to inspire you for your next look. All the pictures including the celebrity looks are representing Hair Highlights for Olive Skin: Trends 2016.Hair Highlights for Olive Skin 2016Nowadays natural hair highlights look quite attractive. They give an extra volume and definition to hair. Women with tanned or medium tanned skin usually have brown, brunette or jet black hair color.Natural brown looks very beautiful combined with dark blonde highlights. Thinner highlights are supposed to be spread all over your hair to give more natural effect. These highlight tones are expected to be two tones lighter from the base tone. This fun trick is going to make your hairstyle look as natural as possible. And it really works.

Best Celebrity Hair Color Options

Perhaps you are one of those stylish women that follow the steps of our pretty celebrities who always try to look stunning and more attractive. If you get inspired by their outfits, hairstyles, hair colors and makeup, you’ll defiantly like our article as it is about Best Celebrity Hair Color Options for you.

Brunette Hair Vanessa Hudgens

It’s obvious that celebrities choose the best and skilled hairdressers for their looks. They best know which color to take to match the skin tone and eye color of their artist. They do their best to make them fabulous and flawless. Color matching is the most important thing in hair coloring. You also should know what colors work with your complexion to look harmonious and fantastic. Here you can see the best matches and will have the chance to choose one that best suits you too.