Celebrity Hair Colors

If you are looking for the trendiest and the most fashionable looks of our modern celebrities, than these articles can help you find the recent hair colors of Hollywood stars. The shades that they choose best match with the fashion of 2017 and bring a touch of freshness. Take examples form our great celebs and be as unique as you need.

Kylie Jenner New Ice Blue Hair Color 2016

17-year-old Kylie Jenner is known for her smashing turquoise hair color trend. Though it was too stylish and suited her very much but this time she decided to experiment with ice blue hair color.

Kylie Jenner Ice Blue Hair Color 2016Kylie Jenner New Ice Blue Hair Color 2016Suddenly she appeared in the center of attention with her new ice blue hair color matched with a gorgeous white jumpsuit. This appearance was so fresh looking and edgy that it brought a kind of chilliness during these hot days.

The Most Popular Hair Color Trends 2016

If you a have already looked for many hair color ideas for 2016 it’s time to see the most popular hair color trends 2016. Here we have collected the latest and the most copied hair colors of celebrities that often sparkle on the red carpet. So, keep on reading to find out the best shade matching your complexion and haircut. Also pay attention to the hairstyles they wear with this or that particular hair color. Let’s go!

Kim Kardashian Espresso Hair Color

This deep brown hair color worn by hot and gorgeous Kim Kardashian is the best choice for brunettes and for dark complexions. If you have such skin tone and eye color you will look perfect with espresso hair color. It has dark shades of brown which shine beautifully bringing out the rich espresso hue. Having it on your long straight hair will make you more attractive and while it has a kind of monotone effect but various shades of brown are quite visible under the light.Kim Kardashian Espresso Hair ColorChrissy Teigen Tortoiseshell Hair Color

This unique hair color sported by Chrissy Teigen is very trendy and is often copied by women with medium to dark complexions. The combination of warm tones like caramel, chocolate, honey and mahogany creates an incredible balanced appearance on her long waves. 

Hair Color Ideas from Ashlee Simpson

American famous singer Ashlee Simpson sometimes amuses us with her hair color makeovers which suit her very much and often provide us with great hairstyle ideas. The shades her hair colorist chooses greatly match her complexion and go with her face features. In this post you can discover hair color ideas from Ashlee Simpson and if you have such complexion as she you can sport some of these shades.Ashlee SimpsonThey say that Ashlee always wanted to differ from her sister due to her own style and way of expression. She wished to be in the center of attention with the styles she creates and with her good skills.

Blonde Hair Color with Lowlights

Lowlights can give your blonde hair color darkness and make it flashier. You can get a stylish look by adding some dark shade to your hair color by the means of lowlights. If you are thinking of the best version of blonde hair color with lowlights you can take examples from celebs and also read the tips in this article.Blonde Hair Color with Brown LowlightsTake into account that contrast is in thing when it comes to lowlights or highlights and you can choose dark tones or even bold hues for your light blonde hair. Applying deep blonde and light brown highlights on your toffee, honey, bronze, caramel or beige hair color will bring the best looks.

Celebrities with Dark Red Hair Color

In many cases it’s not an easy task to leave your comfort zone and to go for radical hair color changes. Red hair color is one among these brave experiments. Sometimes we feel that a huge change can make us quite differing and can change our entire appearance and we usually choose hair coloring method. Today we’ll speak about the celebrities with dark red hair color and will discover which skin tones this amazing hue demands.

Alyson Hannigan Dark Red Hair ColorAlyson Hannigan Dark Red Hair ColorThough Alyson isn’t a natural redhead but she has sported this nice red hair color with great pleasure. Now, we can say she is known with her red hair that inspires many women. Actually she loves to play with light and dark hair colors but red is the color that perfectly suits her. If you have such complexion as Alyson you can take this very shade of red.

6 Celebrity Inspired Blonde Hair Colors

Thinking of a nice shade of blonde and can’t find the best hue? Here we offer 6 celebrity inspired blonde hair colors that can help you make your decision. Perhaps you are already tired of scoring on the Internet looking for good pictures of blonde hair color. These 6 options are the best choices for every skin tone.

Ciara’s Playful Shade of BlondeCiara Playful Shade of Blonde 2016This is a blonde shade closer to bronze blonde since the brown roots make it look like a shade of bronze. Having her crown part darker and ends lighter Ciara found the best combo for her complexion and eye color. If you have natural dark hair this hue of blonde is perfect for you. it will be easier to achieve than lighter shades.

Ariana Grande’s Hair Color Makeover

Ariana Grande is one of those talented young singers that love to experiment with her appearance inspiring many young ladies. Today we’ll represent Ariana Grande’s hair color makeover ad if you have such warm skin tone as Ariana you can wear one of the hair colors she has ever sported. After, perhaps getting tired of red hair colors which have undergone several changes since then Ariana appeared in different hues of brown and blonde as well.

Ariana Grande’s Dark Brown Hair ColorDark Brown Hair Color of Ariana GrandeDark Brown Hair Color Ariana GrandeAriana wore this very hair color just before going for red. Shiny dark brown hair colors suits her so much that it seems as if it’s her natural hair color. It goes with her beautiful brown eyes and compliments her warm complexion. The subtle pink lipstick brings more delicate look providing highlighting her pretty face. To get this stunning effect you just need to dye your hair with monotone dark brown hair color. It’s simple particularly if you have darker hair color.

Eternal Lavender Hair Color

Lavender is the lightest hue of purple that looks ethereal and very beautiful on hair. Women with this hair color always stand out from the crowd with their subtle and airy appearance. Some shades of lavender hair color are closer to light pastel purple hair color. The light shades of the lilac flower also remind of nice lavender hair color. This hair color makes you look like fairy run from a wonderland. Though it looks good combined with fair skin tones but there are cases when it goes also with medium skin tone. In this case light eye color will break down the contrast. In this article you’ll see examples of lavender hair color that will surely inspire you if you are a fan of light hair colors.

Lavender Hair Color on Long Hairlavender hair color on long hairLong or short your hair will look dreamlike. Here you see fair skin and subtle lavender hair color combo. They work well with each other creating more feminine look. Light blue eyes bring a heavenly touch creating a dolly look.

Kim Kardashian Hair Color Makeover

Before writing this article we have been looking for the most amazing hair color makeover of Kim Kardashian. Though she is one of the celebrities that never fail in the changes of their appearance but they also have smashing makeover examples. So, now let’s see what hair color ideas are used by Kim Kardashian.

Natural Hair Color of Kim KardashianKim Kardashian dark hair colorBeing a natural brunette with dark brown hair color Kim Kardashina has experimented different shades of brown closer to her natural hair color. Of course all the versions look nice on her dark hair and compliment her warm skin complexion.

Which Hair Colors are Fashionable in 2016

Looking for the latest fashionable hair colors? Her are the best options of hair colors for 2016. We represent hair colors for all skin complexions with the help of our celebrity hair color examples. After reading the article have a look at these pictures and decide which hair color is the best for you in 2016.

Anne Hathaway Platinum Blonde Hair ColorAnne Hathaway Platinum Blonde Hair ColorHaving natural brunette hair color Anne Hathaway suddenly appears with platinum blonde hair. Surprisingly it suits her due to her light skin tone. In spite the contrast between brown eyes and blonde hue this hair color makeover is one of the greatest changes Anne has ever sported.