Celebrity Hair Colors

If you are looking for the trendiest and the most fashionable looks of our modern celebrities, than these articles can help you find the recent hair colors of Hollywood stars. The shades that they choose best match with the fashion of 2017 and bring a touch of freshness. Take examples form our great celebs and be as unique as you need.

Get the Snow White Look by Black Hair Color in 2016

The surprising tendency of wearing black hair color amused us especially when we saw so many cases of fair skin toned women with jet black hair. Perhaps one of the reasons is the movies where we see celebrities in the role of the fiery Show White who always appears with fair skin and black hair color. Anyway, this mysterious and hot shade is very trendy in 2016 and if you, too, are inspired by it, look at these examples and choose a style to copy.snow white black hair colors 2016Snow White Beauty Lily Collins Black Hair Color

Lately we saw Lilly in the role of the Snow White where she successfully created one of the best characters for the Snow White. The appearance was achieved due to her fair skin, dark black eyes and brows, raven hair color and of course red lips. This real look of a fairy tale princess suited her so much that we were already used to see her with it. Honestly I love her look very much.

Stunning Celebrities with Ombre Hair

Ombre hair continues to be on the string of the top listed hair colors amusing us with it’s new reflections. This hair color gradually fading from darker on the roots and to lighter on the ends also allured many celebrities that wear it with great pleasure. Here you can check some examples of celebrities with ombre hair.ombre hair 2016Alexa Chung Ombre Hair

This messy bob hairstyle of Alexa Chung is one of the most fashionable hairstyles these days. Alexa dyed it ombre making it even more stylish and trendy. She combined it with several thin highlights that add more depth and dimension to her thin hair. The chosen colors go with her skin tone and especially with her green eyes.

Kelly Osbourne Pastel Hair Colors

Recently we see many celebrities going for pastel hair colors. These hues are so subtle, feminine and cool that the desire to get a fashionable look just with pastel shades doesn’t leave us alone. When we have looked at the hair color makeovers of Kelly Osbourne we have seen that lately she showed off her love towards subtle pastel hair colors and especially purple hues are becoming her signature hair colors. We share our interest towards Kelly’s smashing looks with you and offer the best solutions her hairstylists try out.Kelly Osbourne pastel hair colors 2016Kelly Osbourne pink hair color

Since Kelly has fair complexion with pink undertones her hairstylist best knew that pink hair color would compliment her skin tone and light eye color. Here you see how beautiful she looks with this tender shade of pink. It fantastically matches her light skin tone and brings out her pretty eyes. She has worn the best makeup suitable for this hair color and looks like a doll. Her glossy pink lipstick and the mild eye makeup ideally go with both her hairstyle and hair color.

Taylor Swift’s Blonde Hair Colors

We often refer to the hair colors represented by our stylish celebrities and this time we have collected the best of bests of Taylor Swift. As Taylor always sparkles with her blonde shades we have decided to devote a special article to her blonde hair colors sported so far. In this post you are going to see the most delicate blonde hair colors which are always in thing and never go out of style. If you are thinking of a nice blonde hue these examples can help you find the most suitable shade for you.Taylor Swift blonde hair colors 2016Taylor Swift honey blonde hair color

Honey blonde hair color is a warm shade of blonde that has a beautiful shiny hues reflecting on Taylor’s long sleek straight hairstyle. It best shows off it’s smashing shade on her thick bold bangs especially. This hair color can warm up your complexion and if you have pale skin tone you can make it warmer with honey blonde shade.

Dark Blonde Hair Colors

More often women with natural blonde hair color experiment with different blonde shades choosing any color they want. This hair color provides less opportunities for brunettes that’s why they start with the dark blonde hair color. It is is closer to the lightest brown shade that’s why it can be easily achieved on natural brunettes. But before choosing any shade of dark blonde you should consider the fact whether it suits you or not.dark blonde hair colors 2016There are several shades of dark blonde hair color between which you can find light to dark hues. If you are thinking of the best shade for your complexion keep on reading to learn which one to take. If you have dark eye color with dark or olive skin tone you should take the darkest shade of blonde. The same is recommended for medium skin toned ladies who may also take medium shades. Avoid lighter hues as they can destroy your entire look. If you have dark eye and fair skin tone or light eye and pale skin obviously lighter blonde shades will work well with your complexion.

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas 2016

As you already know the astonishing technique of ombre style it’s time to discover the best ombre hair colors for 2016. If you have decided to go for this style you’d better make your choice taking examples from our stylish celebrities who have sported this great hair coloring option. Here you will surely find the most suitable ombre hair for you because we have collected the best ombre hair coloring ideas. So, let’s discuss.ombre hair colors 2016Lea Michele Brunette to Caramel Ombre

The combination of brunette and caramel always makes a perfect effect. Here you see talented Lea Michele who does her best to appear with a flawless look that can inspire many of her fans.  Vibrant caramel hair color shines on her thick choppy bangs beautifully bringing out Lea’s bright eyes.

Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2016

With the changes of weather we think of new hair colors suitable for the coming season. Taking into consideration the fact that summer is coming to it’s end we should look for new hair color ideas for fall 2015. If you want to look refreshed and fashionable at the same time you should go for a shade appropriate for the humid and rainy autumn. This season is very inspiring due to it’s game of different hues which are very beautiful and captivating. So, if you feel that you are going to switch up your shade then consider the following hair colors worn by celebrities.hair colors for fall 2016Flaxen Blonde Hair color

This hair color giving some lightness to on the locks and darkness on the roots is very suitable for fall due to the dark golden shade and combined with flaxen blonde. It was experimented by Taylor Schilling, Taylor Swift, Julianne Hough and many others. Flaxen blonde best works with fair complexions and brings out dark eye makeup.

Miley Cyrus Hair Color Makeover

Millions of fans of Miley Cyrus always keep their eye on their favorite singer’s transformations and copy some of them. They look for any detail she adds to or removes from her style. If you too like to follow Miley’s steps then perhaps you’ll also like to know her hair color changes and the hairstyles she has worn so far. Here you can see shades that are very fashionable today and if you want you can copy them for your next looks. So, let’s discover Miley Cyrus hair color makeover right here.Miley Cyrus hair color makeover 2016Miley Cyrus Natural Hair Color

Each time we represent the hair colors of our celebrities we start with their natural color. Perhaps this is the most interesting fact and it’s really fascinating to know the natural shade of this or that celebrity. So, Miley used to have long brown hair which beautifully sparkled on her rich voluminous curls. Of course this hair color suited her very much and she looked fabulous with it.

Best Celebrity Hair Colors 2015-2016

Summer is coming closer to it’s final hot days and we keeping our eyes on the fashion changes want to share with you the best celebrity hair colors for 2015 which are going to be trendy in 2016 too. These shades are very seductive and call you to transform your entire look. Follow the rules of the fashion and change your style with a new hair color.

Kim Kardashian Hair Colors 2015Kim Kardashian hair colors for 2015-2016Kim amused us with her new hair colors which include both dark and light shades. We have seen her with platinum blonde and brunette hair colors like dark brown, espresso, black and other shades. Definitely all these hues go with her complexion and highlight her hot look.

Colorful Highlights for Long Hair

Women with long hair always look for subtle and monotone hair colors for their hair but adding some pretty highlight can make their long layers more beautiful and attractive. If you have long hair and want to change it’s look a little bit the keep on reading this article to find out colorful highlights for long hair. Taking into consideration your base color and skin tone you can choose the most suitable highlights for your hair. Thicker or thinner highlights bring dimension and depth to your hair. With the help of our hairstylist you can get a smashing result and will sparkle beautifully.vibrant highlights for long hairKeep in mind that highlights look nicer on long hair than on short hair. You can take the many shades of purple, pink and red that make the list of top options. Different bold shades can also provide awesome highlights. You can choose a contrasting method by combining dark and light colors. But avoid too much highlighting not to look washed up. You can take examples from celebrities that go for unique hair color highlights and get fantastic results.