Red Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

It is not a secret that every hair color demands certain skin complexions to bring out it’s real effect. Red hair color is not an exception and since it has a rich hair color palette you are given a great chance of picking the most suitable shade for you. Although you have already found the latest red hair color you need to think twice before sporting that color. You should take into consideration your skin tone and learn whether that very hue suits you or not. So, the best way to know which red matches your skin tone is to search for pictures of red hair color and of course keep on reading our article. We do our best to help you discover the secrets of looking gorgeous.

Red Hair Color for Light Skin TonesRed Hair Color for Light Skin TonesIf you have fair or light skin complexion and blonde hair color strawberry blonde which has subtle red shades in it is just for you. It won’t overpower your coloring and will give tender look. Do some research between lighter shades and avoid dark reds which may wash out your pale skin coloring. Instead take softer red hair colors like terra-cottas. It is recommended to blend some red with your natural hair if you have light brunette or dark blonde hair color. It can give a great boost to you hair and will look quite natural. Try to go for warmer shades and escape deep violet reds no matter you love them or not. They just won’t work with your appearance.

Red Hair Color for Medium Skin TonesRed Hair Color for Medium Skin TonesThe most suitable reds for medium skin tones are simple medium red hair colors. Since auburns are not dark and they even have sweet warmness in their shades you can take any shade of auburn. Avoid darker shades as they may wash out your skin tone and make you look pale. The lowlighting technique is great if you are not sure you want to go for an entire red. Escape extremely vibrant red hues like vibrant copper or light-orange tints. The perfect choice can be reddish brown that can ideally compliment your coloring.

 Red Hair Color for Olive Skin TonesRed Hair Color for Olive Skin TonesCooler red shades are the best options for olive skin tones. Among these hair colors you can find violet-based colors and burgundies. Women with olive skin tones should avoid light reds like bright auburn and strawberry blonde. There are fantastic shades of mahogany red that can match your skin tone. If you need a funnier look you’d better take several reds and apply them on your hair in highlighting technique. It can bring out an attractive look that cannot be left unnoticeable.

Red Hair Color for Dark Skin TonesRed Hair Color for Dark Skin TonesPerhaps the most suitable red for dark skin tones are deep burgundy, deep copper and bold red. These hair colors have little difference but theirs shades do miracles with your hair. The shine they provide perfectly work with your dark skin complexion. You have a great opportunity of choosing a bold red for your hair and it’s not that difficult to get a smashing effect. Just go ahead!