Must Try Hair Colors for Everyone

Each woman tries to be different when changing her hair color. However there are many women who like to choose hair colors closer to their natural hair color. Some do it often and some do once a year. They like to look original and a bit different. If you are fond of new changes you should start from your hair color. Here we represent the Must Try Hair Colors for Everyone who is going to change her hair color.

Blonde and red hair color

A Splash of Hair Color

Changing your hair color in an interesting way is quite important.  You can have your new splash hair color with both bright and light hues. You will surely enjoy the result as it will look cool, beautiful, tender and calm. If you add several hues of the same color to your layers they will look more gorgeous and delicate. Try to take the colors that best suit your skin tone and eye color. A good hairdresser will give you useful advice.

Red Hair color for 2016

Red Hues

If you like risky changes then red color is here for you with it’s rich palette. Red is the color that has millions of tints and gives you a nice opportunity to choose the one which is closer to your heart. It usually suits every skin tone and looks very attractive. You can either take neutral tones of red or the brightest shades that are very flashy. Auburn red hair color is perfect for brunettes. So, try to look more attractive.

Miley Cyrus Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Platinum Blonde

This color is one of the lightest colors ever. It is not only light but also shiny enough. However not everyone can choose this color. It is easily used by blondes and women with fair skin tones. With lighter eye colors wit looks more beautiful. Platinum blonde is a strong color and needs regular touch-ups and hair color protective products.

Red Hair color for 2016


Ombré is one of the most fashionable and stylish color. It suits all kinds of facial features. It works with any hair color hue and if done right it looks gorgeous. The main thing you should know before dying your hair in ombre is to be aware of the procedure. Your hairdresser needs to color from dark roots to lighter tips and the result will be very subtle.

Have a look at the following examples and choose the one that matches you skin tone and eye color. Don’t forget to use hair color protective shampoos and conditioners.