Marvelous Red Hair Color Ideas 2017

Reddish brown, fiery red, burgundy red, copper, auburn and so on. These are most requested red hair colors for 2017. It’s quite natural to be tired of the same shade of your natural hair color but there is a cool solution for you. Let’s check out these tones of red to use this year as our brand new styles. A bright and fresh hair color can change a lot in your look. Different red hair colors suit different complexions and eye hues, which means that you can finally find yours from this fancy string.Warm Auburn Hair Color

The majority of auburn hair colors are the same reddish browns. Warm auburn goes well with most medium skin tones and green eyes. However it has light and dark tones, which can flatter different complexions. You can match this shade with cool and warm undertones consulting with your colorist. Be careful with it as it requires everyday care like any other bright and warm hair color.Bright Fiery Red Hair Color

If there is any other edgy red hair color then it’s the fiery red for sure. Why? Because the brightness and shine that this hair color has can’t be compared with anything else. It’s often used when it comes to ombre hair colors because it has a charming reflection with dark roots. Fiery red can also be combined with orange highlights to create the latest sunset hair color trend on long tresses. Orange tints ideally go with fiery red hair colors. As for the matching skin tones, bright fiery red works with most complexions form light to dark, but it’s a matter of taste as fiery red belongs to the bold hair color family and it can be unnatural in its style.Burgundy Red Hair Color

Also known as vine-y Marsala burgundy red is the next red hair color trend for 2017. It has been the shade of 2016 and continues to be in thing for the coming year too. In order to create a well-balanced state for it one should combine it with dark complexions as it brings out fair skin tones with cool undertones. However, if you want to draw attention to your light skin you can experiment with the violet red hair color. It’s best achieved on brunette hair.Golden Copper Hair Color

When it comes to golden hair colors everything becomes more interesting. We know several golden hair colors among which the brightest shade is the shiny copper. It’s a red hair color idea for light and medium skin tones. Once you dye your hair in golden copper you should refresh it quite often to keep its shine and brightness. It tends to fade quickly, so take special care for it.