Hair Color Makeover into a Darker Shade

You love your natural hair color and still want some change? You can get a new look without retreating from your base color. This is a great solution that will defiantly appeal to you and now we offer you the best hair color makeover into darker shade. These transformations are going to inspire you and will prove that you can look more fabulous by a little change.

Taylor-Swift Blonde hair Color

Taylor-Swift Dark Blonde hair color

Blonde Hair Color

If you think darker shades of blonde look very different from standard blonde color you are wrong. They tend to look even stunning and make you feel the attractiveness of the darker hue without taking away the tenderness of the blonde. To get this kind of effect take a tint not more than two shades darker from your blonde color. Also pay attention to your skin tone and eye color to match the tones.

Dark Brunette Hair Color

Victoria-Justice Brunette Hair Color

Brunette Hair Color

Hey brunettes! Thinking of a new look? Here it is; not far from your base color. Even if you pick a darker shade don’t worry about the effect it will suit both your skin tone and eye color since you have already darker tones. To get a fresh and fantastic result, pick several dark hues of brunette and enjoy the healthy look that your lighter brunette couldn’t achieve. It will also give you the chance to look more fascinating and shiny. You should take balanced colors not to have unnatural effect and a contrast with your skin tone.

Debby-Ryan Red hair color

Debby-Ryan Dark red hair color

Red Hair Color

Perhaps you are a natural redhead. Surely you like your hair color but need some new look. Darker shades of red can be both nice and more attractive. Though it may look like a mysterious brunette but people will defiantly notice the fantastic game of hues and the hint of red. It will give you an amazing shine as well as spread a differing effect depending on the light of the place. It will be a nice hair color with lots of fun in it. But keep in mind your complexion to take the right colors not to get an artificial look.

Try one of these hairstyles for your new appearance and enjoy the fantastic makeover.