Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Short haircuts look nicer if colored, as hair color can give a fascinating shine and stunning look. If you have short haircut you can easily go for any kind of dyeing that will look fashionable. In this article we are going to offer you several hair color ideas for your short haircut.Long hair as well as short hair demand everyday care and if colored they need touch ups. Each woman knows how important it is to refresh her short haircut to escape hair damages and color fade. You are given a wide range of colors that are suitable especially for short hair. A great effect can provide bold and bright shades of different colors. The best solution for short hair is block shade.short haircutTake into account that regular highlights won’t look as balanced as the use of the so called technique ‘glazing’ which is used where the random layers of the hair are backcombed and the toner is put on the rest of the hair. The effect is quite tender and sophisticated.There are two types of short hair: bold geometric crops and layered, textured haircuts. To stress the geometric shapes and lines use bolder colors. And it is preferable to use thick slices of different shades for textured, layered short haircuts. Dark shades will add depth and give the illusion of thickness to the cut, while light coloring will create a fantastic texture on short hairstyles.

Blondeshort blonde hair 2016

short matte blondesUse the high gloss blonde hues moving towards muted and matte blondes. Take the muted mink or sandy blonde shades that bring a touch of rock’n’roll. These shades are suitable for any skin tone and are perfect if you have never dyes your hair in blonde. Keep in mind, that blonde needs more care than any other hair color.

Redshort red hair

short red hair 2016There are different hues of red: fairy, vibrant, cherry, blood-orange, vivid strawberry and deep aubergine. Keep on looking stylish with any hue of red. It looks awesome on short hair. For pale skin tone take stronger orange-based red tints, while warmer skin tones demand auburn, darker mahogany and deep plum colors. If you have hazel, brown or green eyes deeper red will look more beautiful.

Brownshort brown hair

short brown hair 2016From glossy maroon or burnt toffee to rich marmite brown and deep mahogany you can take any shade that goes with your complexion. Their shine, warmth and gorgeous look forces you take a nice shade of brown. Clay shades will go with warm skin tones and bitter chocolate and ash tones are perfect for cool skin tones.