Find the Best Hair Color for You

In this article we want to represent hair colors that match your skin tone. You will have the opportunity of choosing the shade that best works with your skin complexion and eye color. This is the most important thing in hair dyeing. So, there are 4 main types of hair colors: black, blonde, red and colors 2016

Brunettebrunette hair color 2016This hair color tends to look nice on any complexion, however you should choose the shade that is closer to your skin tone. There are many shades of brunette and if you are a natural brunette then all brunette tones can match you. if you are blonde and still want to go for brunette shades, you can just add brunette highlights to your blonde locks. Another alternative can be the ombre technique which allows you to combine blonde roots with brunette edges. In both cases the effect is stunning.

Blondeblonde hair color 2016Here brunettes may want to get blonde shades, since natural blondes can take any tint of blonde they want. As for brunettes or dark skin complexions there are darker shades of blonde like dirty blonde that can match your skin tone. Just try to do a careful research to find the best shade. Here again the ombre technique is a great alternative.

Redred hair color 2016The rich red hair color palette always offers variety of shades that give you a nice opportunity of picking the most suitable hue. It is one of the most requested colors among vibrant hair colors and can be worn by anyone. Blondes can take lighter shades, while brunettes are recommended to pick darker hues. Redheads are lucky as they can take any shade of red they wish.

Blackblack hair color 2016Unlike other colors black is the easiest achieved hair color, though it doesn’t suit everyone. It is not recommended to take black hair color especially jet black for natural blondes but those that have brown hair color can easily go for jet black. For contrasting effects blondes can combine their light locks with black highlights for some period of time. It will look nice on shorter haircuts.

So, there are the dominant hair colors that are met both as natural colors and as dyed. Try to look as natural as possible taking the shade which is the closest to your skin complexion.