Celebrities with Dark Red Hair Color

In many cases it’s not an easy task to leave your comfort zone and to go for radical hair color changes. Red hair color is one among these brave experiments. Sometimes we feel that a huge change can make us quite differing and can change our entire appearance and we usually choose hair coloring method. Today we’ll speak about the celebrities with dark red hair color and will discover which skin tones this amazing hue demands.

Alyson Hannigan Dark Red Hair ColorAlyson Hannigan Dark Red Hair ColorThough Alyson isn’t a natural redhead but she has sported this nice red hair color with great pleasure. Now, we can say she is known with her red hair that inspires many women. Actually she loves to play with light and dark hair colors but red is the color that perfectly suits her. If you have such complexion as Alyson you can take this very shade of red.

Ellie Kemper Dark Red Hair ColorEllie Kemper Dark Red Hair ColorThe talented actress Ellie Kemper has experimented with dark chestnut-y red hair color which goes with her wonderful gown firs and then with her fair complexion. She always sparkles on the red carpet with her incredible looks.

Ariana Grande Dark Red Hair ColorAriana Grande Dark Red Hair ColorCloser to burgundy hair color this shade of red matches Ariana’s dark eye colors and dark skin tone. Though it’s a bit original hair color but if choose the right hairstyle she can have a pretty classy look. Perhaps her cute and angelic face allows the hair colors she chooses look nicer than they tend to look.

Megan Fox Dark Hair ColorMegan Fox Dark Hair ColorThis hot celebrity wears dark red hair perfectly matching it with her medium skin tone and making a contrast between it and her light eye color. She really looks pretty and stunning with rich red hair color on her long wavy hair.

Emma Stone dark Red Hair ColorEmma Stone dark Red Hair ColorHere you see Emma Stone with a dark red hair color closer to chestnut hue. Though she has light eye color but her medium skin tone brings a balanced look. This color highlights her pretty face features and the bold eye makeup works with it beautifully.

So, these are the shades of balayage and if you love one of them try the best color matching with your skin tone and eye color. We hope you’ll create a perfect and fashionable style that can inspire your friends.