Bright Red Hair Color

Only brave women can dare to wear bright red hair color because is one of the brightest hues among other colors. Bright red or fiery red brings a fairy tale look popping out your skin tone and eye color. This flexible hair color finds matching possibilities with fair skin tones and light eye colors. Now, you’ll learn which shade goes with your complexion and eye hair color 2016Unfortunately bright red hair color is not a shade for every skin tone and blessed are those that have pale skin. However we can also see examples when dark skin toned women look smashing with bright red hair color. Later we’ll refer to this too.Those that have beautiful green eyes and fair skin can take the brightest hue of red to highlight their face features. Celebrities like Nicole Kidman, and Haley Williams of Paramore and Christina Hendricks wore this hair color and looked amazingly beautiful. If you have hazel eyes you can experiment with darker shades of red keeping the brightness of the hue.bright red hair colorThe perfect way of having a bright red effect is to apply red hair color on blonde or light hair. If you are natural redhead or blonde then it will be easier for you to achieve the desired result. Dark hair colored women should go for bleaching first.

Add Lowlights

Since red hair color is very fashionable you can make your look differing by adding subtle lowlights. Remember the most important rule for lowlights; pick at least three shades darker hair color from your current hue. Don’t go for too dark lowlights not to destroy the balanced look.fiery red hair colorTake care of your bright hair color since it tends to fade quickly losing it’s attractiveness. Don’t wash up your hair for about 48 hours after coloring. Shampoo can wash away the brightness of your hair color. Also avoid chlorine water and swimming pools. Try to do regular touch ups and use hair color protective products. Use the right shampoo specialized for red hair. The best way to keep the brightness of your hair is to use an expanding shampoo made for red hair. You can ask for advice from your hairstylist who can offer good products.

Finally apply the right make-up which provides matching colors. In order to make a harmonious look you are supposed to change your makeup and find the most appropriate options that go with red hair color. Redheads are recommended to escape from pink and orange shades as these colors can bring a collision with your hair color. Take green, violet, and other “forest” hues for your hair color

dark shade of red hair color

vivid red hair color

red hair color of Rihanna