Black and Burgundy ombre Hair Colors

Burgundy is a deep red or plum hair color the name of which comes from the popular Burgundy wine. That’s why this color is sometimes called wine red too. It is closer to dark red shades like cordovan, maroon and oxblood. As a hair color burgundy is very rich in shades and looks fantastically beautiful matched with dark complexions. This is the main reason why burgundy hair color is usually combined with dark shades like dark brown or blacks. The perfect matching perhaps is black and burgundy ombre about which we are going to speak in this and burgundy ombre 2016You will not find lighter shade of burgundy because it’s dark and very bold. The combination of black and burgundy is just breathtaking and very refined. Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. It’s the best choice especially for dark skinned women. If you have dark complexion you can dye your hair with monotone burgundy hair color, but if you want something more delicate we offer you go for black and burgundy ombre. To get it you need to dye your roots black shade and the ends burgundy hue.

black and burgundy ombre 2016

black and burgundy ombre 2016

black and burgundy ombre  on curls

black and burgundy ombre hair color idea

black and burgundy ombre hair plum shade

black and burgundy ombre on straight hairThis hair coloring looks very astounding on long hairstyles. Both straight and curly hairstyles bring out the luxurious shades of burgundy as well as of black. You can wear it all year round. Since fall is coming you may like to change your hair color and this can be a great idea. Before going for black and burgundy ombre, take into account your complexion, and those that have pale or fair skin tone should avoid this style because it won’t look so good matched with cool complexions. Actually the darker you skin tone the prettier you’ll look with this hair color. it suits dark eyes as well as light eyes and as the latter brings a nice contrast your look will be very eye-catching. Those that are fan of highlights can add some chunky burgundy highlights on their black hair. It will give more depth and dimension.

Maintain Your Hair Color

If you want to maintain your hair color you should do regular touch ups and use hair color protective shampoo and conditioner. It’s essential because burgundy is very rich hair color and has vivid shades which can fade quickly if you don’t take care about their shine. So, try to do touch ups once a week or even more and burgundy ombre hair color 2016

black and burgundy ombre hair on long curls

black and burgundy ombre hair on short haircut

black and burgundy ombre hair

black and burgundy ombre hair 2016