Best Hair Color Chart for Every Shade

You are looking for a better color for your next hair color or you want to change it entirely? This hair chart will give you a wide range of opportunities to choose a nice color for your hair. These are the colors that you can change gradually. We are here to help you with our advice which color to choose. Perhaps you are already tired of your mousey brown hair which you used to have for your entire life.

Hair color guide

Now, it’s time to do some changes. If you always wanted to have redhead or blonde hair then what are you waiting for? Here we collected the Best Hair Color Chart for Every Shade taking into account skin tones and eye colors they best go with. Below you can see your complete guide to hair color. Now, choose the best one for chart light ash blonde

Light Ash Blonde: This color suits ladies with pale skin tones. The whitish tint with pale green and blue undertones or the palest of blondes with their tints of ash will make you flashy and pretty. For those who have rosy tones on their skin, ash will be better for you, as the blue and green undertones of your hair will neutralize and balance the tones of your skin. To keep this great result always fresh and stunning, use a purple shampoo and conditioner.

hair chart light blonde

Light Blonde: Many girls have light blonde hair when they’re younger. As they grow the color of their hair darkens. Light blonde suits light skin colors and medium eye colors, like hazel and blue. This color looks very beautiful.

Light Golden Blonde

Light Golden Blonde: As you see light golden blonde is perfect for light, warm skin tones and light eyes. This is the closest color to yellow-blonde.

Beeline Honey

Beeline Honey: Beeline honey hair color looks awesome with warm skin tones. Due to it’s spatial color honey hair color tends to be extra luminous. It is considered to be the warmest tint of blondes.

Medium Champagne

Medium Champagne: The beige tones of medium champagne hair work really fine with skin of pink and rosy undertones. The blue and green cute tints will neutralize the pink undertones of your skin.


Butterscotch: This color matches with medium, warm skin tones. Butterscotch is a combination of light brown with blonde dimensions.

Cool Brown

Cool Brown: Cool brown hair color is really fantastic. It best goes with cool skin tones. So, if you think this one is nice, try once.

Light Brown

Light Brown: This color best works both with cool and warm skin colors. It looks natural and is a good choice if you’ve decided to get blonde highlights somehow.

Light Golden Brown

Light Golden Brown: Summer is here and if you are a bit sun kissed then this color is just for you. Light Golden Brown is a fine choice for hot summer seasons.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown: This is a wonderful color that suits medium and olive skin tones and works with brown and hazel eyes.

Dark Golden Brown

Dark Golden Brown: Subtle hints of warm honey gold in this nice brown color range can work fantastic with olive skin tones or deeper skin tones.

Medium Ash Brown

Medium Ash Brown: If you have pink undertones on your skin or cool tones then medium ash brown is perfect for your next hair color.


Espresso: This best goes with darker eye colors and darker skin colors. But take into consideration that espresso won’t look natural with fair skin colors.

Jet Black

Jet Black: This color is one of the most amazing colors and it works really beautiful with darker skin tones. However there are cases when it looks fascinating with lighter skin tones. If you have blue undertones on your face it may look a bit sickly.

Reddish Blonde

Reddish Blonde: This warm color goes best with warm and light skin tones and lighter eye colors. It is sometimes known as strawberry blonde.

Light Auburn

Light Auburn: This one is considered to be close to naturally red hair. It works wonderful with light colors and with super fair skin tones. If you decided to try this color don’t forget about your eyebrows.

Medium Auburn

Medium Auburn: Medium auburn is a shiny color that is both eye-catching and interesting. It is perfect for light to medium skin tones. When dying your hair with this color take into account your eyebrows too.

Reddish Cinnamon

Reddish Cinnamon: A delicate and fine color for cool skin toned women. To keep them fresh and shiny use color treated shampoo and to keep the color longer try to wash as little as possible.