Best Celebrity Hair Color Options

Perhaps you are one of those stylish women that follow the steps of our pretty celebrities who always try to look stunning and more attractive. If you get inspired by their outfits, hairstyles, hair colors and makeup, you’ll defiantly like our article as it is about Best Celebrity Hair Color Options for you.

Brunette Hair Vanessa Hudgens

It’s obvious that celebrities choose the best and skilled hairdressers for their looks. They best know which color to take to match the skin tone and eye color of their artist. They do their best to make them fabulous and flawless. Color matching is the most important thing in hair coloring. You also should know what colors work with your complexion to look harmonious and fantastic. Here you can see the best matches and will have the chance to choose one that best suits you too.

Kim Kardashian Brunette hair color

Brunette hair

Brunette is a deep color that doesn’t suit everybody. It demands certain skin complexion to look perfect. The darkness that it offers may also suit with darker eye colors. Here you can see celebs that look fabulous with brunette hair color. Vanessa Hudgens, Kim Kardashian, Courtney Cox and Kelly Rowland are the celebrities that look ideal and awesome with brunette. It suits both their skin tone and eye color.

Audrina Patridge Brown hair

Rachel Bilson Brown hair

Brown hair

Brown hair differs from brunette with it’s warmness and different shades. It is always fashionable and looks hot. This is the color that can suit all types of skin complexions and du to it many celebs try it for their new appearances. The following celebs like this color and choose it as a fascinating one: Rachel Bilson, Audrina Partridge, Jessica Biel and Erin Lucas.

Taylor Momsen Blonde Hair color

Blonde hair

Blonde is widely used by many celebrities. It’s lovely shades inspires most women. Even brunettes like it and sometimes try it. However it’s not so easy to wear as like brunette it also demands several skin tones that could suit with it. Of course it works with fair skin tones but if chose professionally several dark complexions can also be matched with it.

Lindsay Lohan Red Hair color

Marcia Cross Red Hair Color

Red hair

Finally, the most impressive color which is used both by blondes and brunettes. Natural redheads can say that they are quite trendy this summer. Being a risky choice it was worn by Rachel Boston, Lindsay Lohan, Marcia Cross and Ashlee Simpson. It looks flashy and sensual.

So, now you can pick one of these splendid colors for your new look. Choose the one that appeals to you and matches your complexion. Don’t forget to use hair protective products after dying your hair.