Amazing Hair Colors for 2016

We want you to become gorgeous and more attractive and for this reason we offer you Amazing Hair Colors for 2016 which look fantastically beautiful. If you have already colored your hair it’s time to refresh it with the best hues of cool colors that are represented below. These are the must have hair color hues that will first inspire you and then people around you.

Hair Colors for Fall 2016

Now check out these cool hair colors for fall 2015 and try out one of them.

Blood red hair color 2016

Blood Red

This is a great choice for ladies who have naturally dark hair and want to keep it dark and still add more attractiveness. You can get this effect by using a high lift color provided special for dark hair. Any hairstylist defiantly has the palette of this rich color. You may get a deep red ombre shade coloring the roots in black and then gradually turn to blood red at the ends. Matching it with red lipstick and dark shaded makeup will make a perfect appearance. This color makes your ayes more shiny and flashy.

Pink Hair color 2016

Cherise Pink

Pink is always a soft color if chosen as a hair color. It is calm and bright at the same time. Cherise Pink can look more fabulous on short haircut. To get this result you first need to bleach your hair that’s why it’s preferable for short hair not to damage your long hair. If you want a lighter result you can add some platinum blonde shades. Keep in mind to use hair color protective products to keep this look fresh. Cherise Pink best works with fair skin tones. So, take into consideration your skin tone and eye color before dying your hair.

Black hair color 2016


If you have naturally brown or black hair then this color will perfectly suit you. However it can look nice on blondes if done professionally. Espresso hair color looks quite natural and shiny. It is soft and has different shades of brown that are almost invisible. This color works both with long and short hair. It has perfect shine that is visible especially under the rays of the sun. Try to match your hair color with your skin tone. This color looks best with darker eye colors.

Ash Blonde Hair color

Smokey Blonde

Here is rocking one of the shiniest hues of blonde. Light blonde hair is always in the center of attention. You can dye your roots in darker tones and gradually change it into lighter tones of blonde. Try to keep that stunning white blonde color that makes your face lighter. Smokey blonde is best for naturally blonde hair and it goes with fair skin tones and light eye colors. Blondes can take this fantastic version instead of going to a darker shade. Find a qualified hairdresser to get the desired result and take into account your skin tone and eye color.

These great examples can be perfect for autumn and winter months. Have a look at them once more and choose the one that catches your eye and heart.