8 Hair Colors to Try in Summer

You are probably a kind of person that likes new changes and especially follows seasonal changes. In this article we are going to offer you 8 hair colors to try in summer. The variety of hues will give you a great chance to choose the most suitable hair color for you. We will help you to pick the best option.

Light reddish brown hair colorLight reddish brown hair colorThis fantastic hair color can be worn by women who have fair skin complexion and light eye color. It is a great choice for summer months as it catches the rays of the sun and shows off the subtle shades it has. It will look more beautiful on curly and wavy hair but if you have long straight hair the effect will also be stunning.Caramel Hair Colorcaramel hair colorCaramel hair color is one of the most fashionable colors that is loved by many women. It goes best with both cool skin tones and warm complexions. You can take any shade of caramel from the lightest to the darkest. It can look nicer on long hairstyles.

Bright Red Hair Colorbright red hair colorRed is one of the brightest colors that catches our eyes. Bright red hair color is even more attractive when worn in summer. It can work with cool and dark complexions and doesn’t ask limits. If you have pixie haircuts then this hair color is just for you, however on long and medium length hair it shines the way no any other color can.

Black Cherry Hair Colorblack cherry hair colorDo you see how lovely it looks under the sun? it’s like can’t go on without these shiny rays. Black Cherry hair color is very flashy and can bring you a fresh and more attractive look. Hurry up and choose this very hair color.

Plum Hair Colorplum hair colorA bit different hair color from the previous one, yet full of shades plum fruit. Looks “delicious” and very beautiful if you take several hues of the same color. It may look nicer with warm complexions bringing a touch of summer. Before going for this color discuss it with your hairstylist to get the desired effect.

Golden Brown Hair ColorGolden Brown Hair ColorWe have something wonderful both for our lovely blondes and warm skin complexions.  Perhaps golden brown hair color is the shade you have ever dreamed of. It’s time to act and not dream. Pick a nice shade of this hair color and amuse your mirror with your new summer look.

Honey Hair Colorhoney hair color

Bees may “think” you have stolen their hue and have worn it all over your head. It sounds funny and quite attractive. Look how nice it looks even with tanned skin. It goes also with fair skin tones and light eye color but those with brown eye color can easily match it with their shiny eyes.

Light brown hair colorlight bown hair colorWe also have an incredible option of light brown hair color which gives a beachy effect. You can feel more confident with this hair color that is quite mild and pretty. During summer days try to have wavy hairstyles with light brown hair color.

Now, you have great options of summer hair colors for every skin tone that are trendy enough and look very beautiful.