5 Subtle Hair Colors You Should Try in 2016

You know what is the difference between girly look and feminine look? It’s the styles you use to break the rules that you were used to use. Time passes on and you realize that you need more and more changes to look attractive. You try to be as fashionable as possible. Thus, it refers to your hairstyles and hair colors as well. This article will make you change your mind and create another style to fascinate everyone around you. We are going to represent 5 subtle hair colors you should try in 2016.sombre hair color 2016If you have ever followed the rules that the fashion world dictates then you probably know how funny it is to follow these rules. This time our hairstylists tried to show 5 hair colors in a new way instead of creating extravagant styles. And this sounds more attractive, since you will be amused by the new approach they used to make a change. it’s nothing but a simple hair color game that they played and the results are just fantastic. You won’t see extraordinary hairstyles but you’ll surely love the hair colors of different shades.So, first thing you should know before dyeing your hair is that some bold hair colors tend to emphasize your face features and some light shades bring lightness to your pretty face. There are also bold hair colors which allow you go for great highlights and to bring more volume to your fine hair.

Bellow we’ll discuss these 5 hair stylish hair colors and the used hair coloring techniques. Keep on reading to find out what hair color to wear in 2016.

Tender Ombre´ or Sombre´ombre sombre hair colors 2016Why do these two techniques bring so tenderness? Because they look subtle and quite interesting. The effects that Ombre´ and Sombre´ provide are unique and differing. Ombre´ is the style that dyes your roots in darker shades and your hair edges in lighter shades. It may look like a contrasting hair coloring but we choose appropriate colors not to lose the awesomeness of the effect. The Sombre´ effect can be achieved by softer diffusions. In this case you’ll get a more natural effect.

Blonde with caramel or honey highlightsBlonde with caramel, honey highlights 2016

blonde hair color with honey highlights 2016The next fantastic hair color is blonde with caramel or honey highlights. This hairstyle is very beautiful with it’s mysterious touch provided to your locks. It lightens up your hair color as well as your nice face. If you are thinking of honey highlights it will be better to create thick highlights not to loosen the calm and shiny shade of blonde.

Rose GoldRose Gold hair color 2016This hair color closer to strawberry blonde becomes more and more requested. This subtle rosy effect that your locks get, are eager to catch sun shines and play with them. If you have pink skin undertones then this new hair color is created just for you.

Rich MahoganyRich Mahoganyn hair color 2016Mahogany is a deep hair color that can match with many skin tones. It gives a fresh, healthy and luscious look to your hair. Rich mahogany goes both with short and long hairstyles. It is also used as a highlighting hair color combined with brown shades. It is one of the hottest red hues that are very requested among different age groups.

Redsred hair color 2016Red hair colors are recently very demanded colors. There are various hues of red each having it’s attractiveness. The most fashionable shades of red are deep cherry, vibrant red and burgundy hair color. Choose one of them matching with your skin complexion. You can also try red highlights on your bold hair.

Now, you have the opportunity of choosing the best shade for you. Go ahead and enjoy 2005 with one of these hair colors.