2017 Hottest Hair Color Trends for Dark Eyes

When you choose a hair color you must not only take into consideration your desires but also your skin tone and eyes. Even if the chosen hue is your dreamt hair color you must discover whether it goes well with your complexion and eyes or not. Here are the hottest hair colors for dark eyes in 2017. These are the most attractive shades that look gorgeous with black, dark brown and hazelnut eyes.2017 Hottest Hair Color Trends for Dark Eyes Black Hair Color with Dark Eyes

It’s more than obvious that black hair goes well with black eyes. Many brunettes have this natural beauty. It’s a combination between mystery and power. If you have dark black eyes you can dye your hair in black shade. The created mixture goes well with any complexion but is more attractive with pale skin tone. This is one of the hottest hair color ideas that looks awesome with dark eyes.Black Hair Color with Dark Eyes Burgundy Hair Color with Dark Eyes

While light green and blue eyes look natural with ginger red, strawberry blonde and copper hair colors darker eye hues require darker tones of red such as the deep and rich burgundy shade. It’s another stunning hair color to match with black and brown eyes. Many celebrities with dark eyes choose burgundy red hair colors to look so gorgeous and unique.Burgundy Hair Color with Dark Eyes Dirty-Honey Blonde Hair Color with Dark Eyes

In case you have dark eyes but want to become a stunning blonde you must consider dirty and honey blonde hair color mixtures. This combination is flattering especially with warm brown and hazelnut eyes. You can get a warm and very harmonious combo of hues, which will provide you with a sunny effect. Use this idea in summer and match it with your tanned skin.

Dirty-Honey Blonde Hair Color with Dark EyesPlatinum Blonde Hair Color with Dark Eyes

Could you ever imagine that the lightest shade of blonde would suit with dark eyes? The latest stylish experiments prove that women with dark eyes can also rock platinum blonde hair. Remember Kim Kardashian’s platinum mane. Her dark eyes look so beautiful with this light hair color. Just pay attention to your hairstyle to make it more fashionable and attractive.Platinum Blonde Hair Color with Dark Eyes Brunette Hair Colors with Dark Eyes

Try any shade o brunette matching your skin tone and you will look natural if your eyes are dark. Dark brown, chocolate brown, espresso brown, light golden brown and many other fancy shades of brunette are flattering with dark eyes. If you have medium brown eyes you can combine it with chestnut brown hair colors. They are quite natural-looking and pretty.Brunette Hair Colors with Dark Eyes