10 Celebrities that Prefer Strawberry Blonde

What’s Strawberry Blonde?

Strawberry Blonde is a blonde hue that has various reddish shades. You can use these shades for your highlights combined with several suitable tints of red. It is colored from richer tones, a greater proportion of which are chestnut colored pigments mixed to cooler tones and where copper or apricot-colored pigments are supposed to be based. The variants are plenty enough and everything is possible. And in this article we’ll discuss 10 celebrities that prefer strawberry blonde and following their fantastic examples you can find the right shade matching your skin complexion and eye color.strawberry blonde hair colorWhich skin types match Strawberry Blonde?

If you have decided to wear strawberry blonde then keep on reading to know which skin types strawberry blonde matches. Blonde hair matches many skin types, from very fair skin to tanned skin tones. It’s shades look great no matter what. In the case of strawberry blonde skin should not be too dark. It can be useful to follow the example of the natural occurrence of hair colors. People having naturally red hair, often have a fair skin complexion. So, in case you have bright skin tone then strawberry blonde is perfect for you.

Which celebs prefer strawberry blonde hair?

There are many Hollywood stars that have been discovered strawberry blonde hair for themselves. Our lovely actress Blake Lively experimented warm blonde tones and strawberry blonde repeatedly. Particularly during summer months when it is browned by the sun, she prefers to wear her hair blonde. For the cold autumn and winter months she combines her fair complexion with strawberry blonde. The same we can say about Lindsay Lohan. This popular scandal noodle has natural red hair and fair skin with freckles. Though Lindsay Lohan has often revealed that she likes tanned skin she colors her hair into a faded shade of red: strawberry blonde. The actresses Heather Graham and Amy Adams match their strawberry blonde with blue eyes. For porcelain complexion of the two golden blonde with engraving fits perfectly. Also take examples from Emma Watson,  Julia Roberts, Scarlet Johansson, Drew Barrymore, Nicole Kidman and Diane Kruger.

Julia Roberts Strawberry Blonde hair color

Julia Roberts strawberry blonde hair color

Scarlett Johansson strawberry blonde

Scarlett Johansson strawberry blonde hair color

Heather Graham strawberry blonde

Heather Graham strawberry blonde hair color

Emma Watson strawberry blonde

Emma Watson strawberry blonde hair color

Diane Kruger strawberry blone

Diane Kruger strawberry blonde hair color

Amy Adams strawberry blonde

Amy Adams strawberry blonde hair color

Drew Barrymore strawberry blonde

Drew Barrymore strawberry blonde hiar color

Blake Lively strawberry blonde

Blake Lively strawberry blonde hair color

Nicole Kidman strawberry blonde

Nicole Kidman strawberry blonde hair color

Isla Fisher strawberry blonde

Isla Fisher strawberry blonde hair color