Vivid Hair Color Ideas

Vibrant or vivid hair colors are the edgiest shades meant special for brave women. Today Hollywood stars are not afraid of colorful shades and hot experiments. Open the doors for vivid tints and start your exiting adventure like a real celebrity. Check out these hues and try something new and more fascinating. Your new shade will inspire many other women and stylish girls.Vibrant Red Hair Color

From all the vibrant red hair colors choose the brightest shade to impress us. This hair color differs from all red hues as it’s delightful, eye-catching and unique. If you think that your natural red is not enough for you , you can play with more attractive red hair colors, but this very tone is recommended for brunettes and blondes and not natural redheads. Anyway the choice is up to you.Vivid Purple Hair Color

My favorite vibrant hair color is the posh purple. It suits many skin tones and goes well with dark hair. Dark hair colors are sometimes dull and uninteresting and purple can be a good idea. To get an overall shiny effect you should dye from the top to the tips but if you want to enhance your brunette shade, add purple highlights.Orange Hair Color

Sun-kissed blonde hair colors are beautiful but they become nicer with orange-y tones. Blonde hair gives you the greatest opportunity to get the desired shiny orange shade. Once you dye it you should take care of it and update frequently. In case orange is too bright for you there is the cute apricot or peach hue to take instead.Yellow Hair Color

One of my friends likes the yellow shade so much that it’s the high time for her to think of yellow hair. Yellow-shaded hairstyles remind me of candies from my childhood. This fun experiment can be the most exiting in your life. No matter your hair is long or short, yellow will make it sparkling and festive.Green Hair Color

Remember Kylie Jenner’s green hair color? It’s another bold hair color that she has worn. Green has many tones, which can complement either light or dark skin tones. Pastel green goes well with light skin and darer or brighter green hair colors compliment darker skin. Your Christmas look will be complete with such a crazy hair color idea.Soft Blue Hair Color

From the darkest blue black to the lightest sky blue, the hair color palette is rich of blue shades for hair. Find out a stunning tone flattering your style and beautify your blonde or brunette hair with a flashy blue hair color. If you opt for light blue hair color you’d better highlight it with silver tints.