Radiant Orchid Hair Colors

The subtle purple hair color is the shade many women love to sport. It’s very pretty and flashy at the same time. So far we have been discussing many purple hair colors but we decided to devote a whole article to radiant orchid hair colors which differ from other purple hues due to their brightness and smashing shine. It really has a kind of glitter that makes us get confused in the shades it brings out. The best advantage of this hair color is it’s flexibility and the calm nature that suits every skin tone. Many popular stars have worn this hair color in different ways and have matched it with various styles.Radiant Orchid Hair Color 2016If you too really like it you can use your imagination and match it with your own style spreading a new trendy look which will soon be copied by women around you.  Taking into consideration it’s uniqueness you will surely sparkle with it and will be much complimented.Radiant Orchid Hair Color shadesRadiant orchid hair color can be worn on any hairstyle from the shortest to the longest hair. It looks fabulous on pixie cuts as well as on long straight hair. if you have curly hair then your appearance will be one of those original ones which are difficult to copy. It is wonderful especially on braided hairstyles which are very feminine and remind us of fairy tales where pixies wear such hair. If you want you can go for temporary dyeing not to damage your hair by bleaching. Since this hair color is not that easy to get and maintain especially dark hair colored women should think twice before sporting it. Actually it takes much time and expenses to be achieved and if you are ready for it then go ahead.Radiant Orchid Hair Color 2016

Radiant Orchid Hair Color idea

Radiant Orchid Hair Color on bangs

Radiant Orchid Hair highlights

Radiant Orchid Hair Colors

Radiant Orchid Hair Color

Radiant Orchid Hair Color three tone

Radiant Orchid Hair Color on top

Radiant Orchid Hair Color purple

Radiant Orchid Hair Color on straight hair

Radiant Orchid Hair color on short hairLadies, who don’t want to wear radiant orchid on their entire hair but still want to experiment with this subtle tint, can just add orchid highlights on their monotone hair. They will not only change the look of your hair but will also add depth and dimension. You will see how beautifully it shines under the rays of the sun and how gorgeous makes you look. It can have different reflections on different hairstyles. For example on updos and ponytails it will look bolder then on straight or loos hair. If you like you can get few highlights under your hair and they will be visible only when you wear updos. It’s very beautiful and speaks about your good taste.Radiant Orchid Hair Color on bob

Radiant Orchid Hair Color on braid

Radiant Orchid Hair Color on curly hair