Lavender Smokestack Hair Color Trend for 2017

Lavender Smokestack is the newest hair color trend also called as smokey purple hair color. It’s a great idea for women who love the rainbow style and look for alternatives to spice up their look. So the rainbow hair trend has just become more interesting with the lavender smokestack hair color for 2017. Discover the real charm of the lavender shade with modern effects and twists.smokey lavender hair colorWhat is Lavender Smokestack Hair Color?

First, google search an image of real smokestack just to imagine what the thing is about. You are going to be obsessed. Once you look at it you’ll then use your fantasy when it comes to hair coloring. Actually, smokestack is a stunning mixture of smokey, purple, lavender and similar hues, which create a rich effect together. So, the name comes from the word smock, which holds gloomy and deep shades. They are beautifully reflected on long hair. The idea is quite creative and fascinating.Lavender Smokestack Hair Color Trend for 2017How to Get:

Since you already know what the lavender smokestack hair color is, now you can get familiar with its dying technique.  First, start with the division of the hair. You need to layer panels beginning at the neck part to the front of the hair. Start from the darkest and finish with the lightest. The result is created with purple, light pastel lavender and smokey black, which provides with that smokey effect. You can also find video tutorial on YouTube to get the clearer idea of how it is archived.smokey lavender hair color 2017Lavender Smokestack Hair Color and Your Skin Tone

There is something very sophisticated and inspiring in purple hair colors. That’s why both blondes and brunettes dye their hair in different hues of purple from pastel to the darkest plum tones. As lavender smokestack is a mixture of light and dark purple hair colors, it compliments most skin tones and eye hues.Hairstyles for Lavender Smokestack Hair Color

Not all hair colors ask for matching hairstyles but lavender smokestack is a unique combination of shades that look for their matching hairstyles. In this case, you should have long hair to get with the best effects. Long loose waves and messy curls are all that can bring that breathe of smokestack with them. They will make a crazy transition of hues from light to dark. Check out these looks for additional inspiration and take an image with you when visiting your hair colorist.Lavender Smokestack Hair Color Trend for 2017

Lavender Smokestack Hair Color Trend for 2017