Kelly Osbourne Pastel Hair Colors

Recently we see many celebrities going for pastel hair colors. These hues are so subtle, feminine and cool that the desire to get a fashionable look just with pastel shades doesn’t leave us alone. When we have looked at the hair color makeovers of Kelly Osbourne we have seen that lately she showed off her love towards subtle pastel hair colors and especially purple hues are becoming her signature hair colors. We share our interest towards Kelly’s smashing looks with you and offer the best solutions her hairstylists try out.Kelly Osbourne pastel hair colors 2016Kelly Osbourne pink hair color

Since Kelly has fair complexion with pink undertones her hairstylist best knew that pink hair color would compliment her skin tone and light eye color. Here you see how beautiful she looks with this tender shade of pink. It fantastically matches her light skin tone and brings out her pretty eyes. She has worn the best makeup suitable for this hair color and looks like a doll. Her glossy pink lipstick and the mild eye makeup ideally go with both her hairstyle and hair color.Kelly Osbourne pink hair colorKelly Osbourne purple hair color

Purple is another fairy shade which is usually worn by many stars. Having it on her thick, luxurious and volumized haircut she has created a unique style which is considered to be her signature hairstyle. Her side shaved haircut allows this hair color shine beautifully and if you look at the roots you’ll see the shades of purple sparkling nicely. She has matched it with purple lipstick and dark eye makeup. As a wise step she has found the best color complimenting her green eyes.Kelly Osbourne purple hair color Kelly Osbourne antique rose hair color

Antique rose hair color is a pink pastel shade which brings more femininity and suits with updo hairstyles. It is also experimented by Katy Perry and hair dyed with it can be styled in retro hairstyles as well. This classic look is very powerful and has kind of sophistication. The subtle pink lipstick and mild eye makeup break the artificial look making her appearance even natural looking.Kelly Osbourne antique rose hair colorKelly Osbourne purple bob

Continuing the theme of the purple hair color we can’t miss Kelly’s fashionable bob haircut. It make she look so young and girly that we start to think that this hair color was created just for this haircut. Here her appearance is very fresh and reminds us of a fairy from a kind fairy-tale. Her vivid pink lipstick and black eye makeup bring out the image of a bright and kind woman.  kelly osbourne purple bobOther Pastel Hair Colors of Kelly OsbourneKelly Osbourne antique rose hair color 2016

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