2017 Glitter Roots and Matching Hair Colors

What do you think of the creative glitter roots hairstyles? This is an interesting hair styling solutions particularly when the thing is about festive and prom-ready looks. Glitters roots are shiny and colorful touches that look better with matching hair colors. Below you’ll find the most suitable hair colors for glitter roots 2017. If you have decided to sparkle during these holidays then don’t miss your chance of trying glitter roots hair trend.Glitter Roots and Rainbow Hair Color

The first hair color idea that comes to my mind is the rainbow game for glitter roots. They complement each other and create ultra-festive effects on hair. Even the simplest hairstyle can become so delightful and shiny with glitter roots and rainbow tones. Depending on your base hair color you can either wear pastel or brighter rainbow hair colors, and highlight them with flattering glitter roots.Glitter Roots and Brunette Hair Color

If you think that brunette hair color don’t look good with glitter roots, then look at this image. How stunning glitter roots are on brunette hair you can feel yourself adding those cute glossy effects to the top and roots of your dark hair. Glitter roots are best reflected on brunette hair and it’s more than obvious that any dark shade can easily become eye-catching with shiny glitters.Glitter Roots and Blonde Hair Color

Blonde hair is softer and therefore it looks tenderer with glitter roots. No matter the tone of blonde hair, glitters will add shine and freshness. Do this with your tresses to change up your style and styling approach. Glitter roots are awesome with several hair colors but blonde is the coolest version. You can even experiment with golden leaf trend, which looks perfect with slicked back hairstyles.Glitter Roots and Neon Hair Colors

The variety of neon hair colors is so inspiring and crazy that one may get captured by this awesome style. While the monotone neon shades are bright yet simple, multi-tone neon hair colors with glitter roots are more interesting. Be it bright blue, green, yellow or pink you can mix several hues and then highlight them with glitters.Glitter Roots with Pastel Hair

Pastel hair colors are pretty and celestial with glitter roots. Although the most popular pastel hue is the light pink you may experiment with other pastel hair colors too. Combine them with tight updo or sleek hairstyles and add glitters to the roots.