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Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2016

With the changes of weather we think of new hair colors suitable for the coming season. Taking into consideration the fact that summer is coming to it’s end we should look for new hair color ideas for fall 2015. If you want to look refreshed and fashionable at the same time you should go for a shade appropriate for the humid and rainy autumn. This season is very inspiring due to it’s game of different hues which are very beautiful and captivating. So, if you feel that you are going to switch up your shade then consider the following hair colors worn by colors for fall 2016Flaxen Blonde Hair color

This hair color giving some lightness to on the locks and darkness on the roots is very suitable for fall due to the dark golden shade and combined with flaxen blonde. It was experimented by Taylor Schilling, Taylor Swift, Julianne Hough and many others. Flaxen blonde best works with fair complexions and brings out dark eye makeup.

Cool Silver Hair Color

When we say silver hair color we generally mean that shiny grey shade that is used as a new trend in fashion world. We see not only silver jewelry, silver colored shoes and cloths but also silver hair dye. Though it’s not easy to achieve but we see many fashionable ladies going for this unique and special hair color. It’s monotone effect looks amazing on thinner hair and is perfect with some light highlights on thicker hair.silver hair color Short, medium and long hairstyles can be dyed with this tint without any limitations. Many call silver hair color as granny hair color because we usually see it on adult women and it’s a natural hair color but getting it on a young woman’s hair looks strange and sophisticated at the same time. It seems as if you don’t avoid grey hair and even you can appreciate it’s shiny and glossy effect.

Trendy Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas

Thinking of a subtle and sweet chocolate hair colors we imagine something very deep and dark. But if we take into consideration that in hair coloring shades may vary from light to dark hues we can find some chocolate brown hair colors that look pretty enough and bring a mysterious touch in our appearance.chocolate brown hair 2016Due to it’s warmth and natural looking shades chocolate brown hair color has captured our hearts and dyeing our hair with it we feel more confidence and femininity. Since brown is a natural hair color refreshing it with chocolate shades will be great for women who also have appropriate complexion. This hair color goes with many complexions and if chosen right you will have balanced and awesome look.

Miley Cyrus Hair Color Makeover

Millions of fans of Miley Cyrus always keep their eye on their favorite singer’s transformations and copy some of them. They look for any detail she adds to or removes from her style. If you too like to follow Miley’s steps then perhaps you’ll also like to know her hair color changes and the hairstyles she has worn so far. Here you can see shades that are very fashionable today and if you want you can copy them for your next looks. So, let’s discover Miley Cyrus hair color makeover right here.Miley Cyrus hair color makeover 2016Miley Cyrus Natural Hair Color

Each time we represent the hair colors of our celebrities we start with their natural color. Perhaps this is the most interesting fact and it’s really fascinating to know the natural shade of this or that celebrity. So, Miley used to have long brown hair which beautifully sparkled on her rich voluminous curls. Of course this hair color suited her very much and she looked fabulous with it.

Best Celebrity Hair Colors 2015-2016

Summer is coming closer to it’s final hot days and we keeping our eyes on the fashion changes want to share with you the best celebrity hair colors for 2015 which are going to be trendy in 2016 too. These shades are very seductive and call you to transform your entire look. Follow the rules of the fashion and change your style with a new hair color.

Kim Kardashian Hair Colors 2015Kim Kardashian hair colors for 2015-2016Kim amused us with her new hair colors which include both dark and light shades. We have seen her with platinum blonde and brunette hair colors like dark brown, espresso, black and other shades. Definitely all these hues go with her complexion and highlight her hot look.

Beach Hair Colors 2016

The hottest month of summer is coming and what hair colors wear stylish women on the beach in 2016 you will learn just here. Everyone knows about the rich and luxurious Ibiza beach where the youth full of energy spends summer. It’s one of the most alluring beaches providing you with miraculous services and with the best rest ever. Here come people all over the world and love to party till the end of their holiday. During these parties ladies love to appear with fresh and alluring hair colors. Now, we’ll discuss these hair colors and we recommend you to pay attention to the hairstyles too.beach hair colors2016Sun-Kissed Blonde and Light Brown

Women with medium skin tones choose hair colors that can warm up their complexion. Between blonde shades you can take sun-kissed blonde which is a very shiny and sparkling hue. It looks nice with boho waves which can be styled in simple hair styling ways. Another great alternative is light brown hair color with some dark blonde highlights which bring not only dimension but also make your hair look healthy.

Colorful Highlights for Long Hair

Women with long hair always look for subtle and monotone hair colors for their hair but adding some pretty highlight can make their long layers more beautiful and attractive. If you have long hair and want to change it’s look a little bit the keep on reading this article to find out colorful highlights for long hair. Taking into consideration your base color and skin tone you can choose the most suitable highlights for your hair. Thicker or thinner highlights bring dimension and depth to your hair. With the help of our hairstylist you can get a smashing result and will sparkle beautifully.vibrant highlights for long hairKeep in mind that highlights look nicer on long hair than on short hair. You can take the many shades of purple, pink and red that make the list of top options. Different bold shades can also provide awesome highlights. You can choose a contrasting method by combining dark and light colors. But avoid too much highlighting not to look washed up. You can take examples from celebrities that go for unique hair color highlights and get fantastic results.

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2015-2016

Transforming your look by hair color is the best way of getting a new and smashing appearance. Fashionable ladies that follow trendy hairstyles and hair colors may find this article quite useful since it provides the hottest hair color trends 2015-2016. The trendiest hair colors are collected just here and we offer you hair colors you can match with your complexion according to your skin tone. Let’s start!

Ombre hairOmbre hair 2016If you follow the rules of stylish hair dying perhaps you have already hurtled with the fascinating ombre technique. It’s a professional way of dying roots with darker and tips with lighter shades. Combining two hair colors that go with each other will create an incredible image. If you want to frame your face you can ask your hairstylist add light shade on your tips that don’t go beyond chin.

Trendy Shades of Blue Hair Color

Blue hair color is  very flexible and eye-catching which finds matching with light complexions as well as with dark skin tones. It’s a very subtle and “peaceful” hue that has an ethereal touch in it. But before dyeing your hair with this color you should know which shade to take to look nice with. We represent the trendy shades of blue hair color and if you have decided to wear this hue choose the best shade for you just hair colors 2016Since blue has many shades from darkest to the lightest the opportunities of wearing this hair color expands both for light and dark complexions. Obviously dark skin toned women can take darker shades and light skin toned ladies will look great with light blue shades. It suits every haircut, so if you have short hair you may dye it with a monotone blue hue and if you have long hair you may go for blue ombre or may prefer two or three tone hair coloring. Blue highlights are also very fashionable these days and approximately you can take deep shade for dark hair and light shade dye for lighter hair colors. I am sorry to tell that blue hair color doesn’t make a nice matching with red shades, so redheads may avoid this shade.

Get Your Hair Lightened

Women with dark hair color often wish to get light hair color without damaging their hair much. All you need is just visiting a salon and telling what you really want. No matter you take the brightest hair color you can achieve the desired result with a simple hair dying technique. In this case you need to lighten  your hair. If you have dark hair and want to go for a light shade check these great options.light blonde hair color 2016If you are planning to get a light hair color first of all you need to find a professional hair colorist. You’ll surely deal with bleaching and doing it at home won’t be that wise, so visit a salon. Of course you can look for cheaper versions and buy these products from a common beauty store but when used incorrectly you may damage your scalp, your eyes and your skin. So, get a pro to avoid such unpleasant situations.