Subtle Green Tips Hair Color Ideas

Sometimes we choose hair colors according to our taste and preferences but the most important thing about hair color choice is the complexion matching. Before taking any hair dye make sure it goes with your skin tone and eye color. Since today we’ll represent green tips hair color ideas we will speak about complexion matching tips on hair 2016Green Tips on Blonde Hair

Green tips look very subtle and ethereal especially if combined with light blonde hair colors. These marine shades are very tender and give you a fascinating look. If you are looking for a unique hair coloring which is also trendy then green tips are great for you. it’s easy to get on blonde hair an doesn’t cover your entire hair. You can also use mint green which is a fashionable pastel shade.

Stunning Celebrities with Ombre Hair

Ombre hair continues to be on the string of the top listed hair colors amusing us with it’s new reflections. This hair color gradually fading from darker on the roots and to lighter on the ends also allured many celebrities that wear it with great pleasure. Here you can check some examples of celebrities with ombre hair.ombre hair 2016Alexa Chung Ombre Hair

This messy bob hairstyle of Alexa Chung is one of the most fashionable hairstyles these days. Alexa dyed it ombre making it even more stylish and trendy. She combined it with several thin highlights that add more depth and dimension to her thin hair. The chosen colors go with her skin tone and especially with her green eyes.

Radiant Orchid Hair Colors

The subtle purple hair color is the shade many women love to sport. It’s very pretty and flashy at the same time. So far we have been discussing many purple hair colors but we decided to devote a whole article to radiant orchid hair colors which differ from other purple hues due to their brightness and smashing shine. It really has a kind of glitter that makes us get confused in the shades it brings out. The best advantage of this hair color is it’s flexibility and the calm nature that suits every skin tone. Many popular stars have worn this hair color in different ways and have matched it with various styles.Radiant Orchid Hair Color 2016If you too really like it you can use your imagination and match it with your own style spreading a new trendy look which will soon be copied by women around you.  Taking into consideration it’s uniqueness you will surely sparkle with it and will be much complimented.

Yellow Highlights on Brown Hair

Women with brown hair color sometimes look for suitable highlights for their hair. Though you may think these highlights are just common blonde highlights but what you will see is just the vivid yellow tint used as hair color. Yellow color is not so much met hair color but some women prefer to add it on their brown hair by the highlighting technique. It makes their hair voluminous and brings depth.yellow highlights on brown hair 2016Yellow highlights can also warm up your complexion especially if you have dark brown hair. You may sometimes meet yellow highlights between rainbow colored hair and this is the brightest and the lightest shade between other rainbow hair colors. The examples for this highlighting are few and are the most unique ones we have seen so far.

Kelly Osbourne Pastel Hair Colors

Recently we see many celebrities going for pastel hair colors. These hues are so subtle, feminine and cool that the desire to get a fashionable look just with pastel shades doesn’t leave us alone. When we have looked at the hair color makeovers of Kelly Osbourne we have seen that lately she showed off her love towards subtle pastel hair colors and especially purple hues are becoming her signature hair colors. We share our interest towards Kelly’s smashing looks with you and offer the best solutions her hairstylists try out.Kelly Osbourne pastel hair colors 2016Kelly Osbourne pink hair color

Since Kelly has fair complexion with pink undertones her hairstylist best knew that pink hair color would compliment her skin tone and light eye color. Here you see how beautiful she looks with this tender shade of pink. It fantastically matches her light skin tone and brings out her pretty eyes. She has worn the best makeup suitable for this hair color and looks like a doll. Her glossy pink lipstick and the mild eye makeup ideally go with both her hairstyle and hair color.

Best Highlighted Hair Ideas

Women who want to transform into another lady often choose the hair highlighting method. It’s one of the easiest ways of changing your style and your entire appearance. Highlights are the best ways of breathing life into your dull hair. You can create the look you always wanted with the help of highlights. The amazing look they provide you hair also makes you look different and highlights 2016Those that have deiced to enter into a new stage by changing their style can choose the most common way of transformation; highlights. You can find advice and tips concerning the highlighting technique everywhere starting from the smallest salon. This fashionable hair styling is much demanded and most women go for it for several times in their lives.

Black Hair Coloring Ideas

Black hair is never boring and if care about it’s healthy and stylish look our surely be very alluring. There are various ways of adding fascination to your monotone black hair. You can show off your own taste and personality due to your hair color and if you have chosen black hair color then it’s time to refresh it with the help of the black hair coloring ideas found here. These are the best ways of highlighting your beautiful black hair or using black hair color in different hair coloring 2016Under-layers black hair color

If you have another hair color and want to make it more eye-catching black hair color is a good choice. You can have your under-layers dyed with black hair color and it will bring out your face features. This hair coloring looks nice both on short and long hairstyles and if style a ponytail these black under-layers will thank to you for showing them off beautifully.

Red Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2016

Autumn is almost here and you should think of new hair colors for fall 2016 suitable both for the season and for your complexion. If you haven’t experimented with red shades here we offer you fashionable red shades  for fall. You can also take examples of celebrities who wear shades of this hair hair colors 2016Shiny copper red hair color of Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks wearing copper red hair color on her wavy bob haircut created and new and fresh look which suites her face and works with her fair complexion. It seems as if this is her natural shade which perfectly matches her light green eyes and pink undertones. This hue demands regular touch ups and if you want to keep it’s shine use hair color protective products.

Taylor Swift’s Blonde Hair Colors

We often refer to the hair colors represented by our stylish celebrities and this time we have collected the best of bests of Taylor Swift. As Taylor always sparkles with her blonde shades we have decided to devote a special article to her blonde hair colors sported so far. In this post you are going to see the most delicate blonde hair colors which are always in thing and never go out of style. If you are thinking of a nice blonde hue these examples can help you find the most suitable shade for you.Taylor Swift blonde hair colors 2016Taylor Swift honey blonde hair color

Honey blonde hair color is a warm shade of blonde that has a beautiful shiny hues reflecting on Taylor’s long sleek straight hairstyle. It best shows off it’s smashing shade on her thick bold bangs especially. This hair color can warm up your complexion and if you have pale skin tone you can make it warmer with honey blonde shade.

Hottest Highlights in Bangs Only

When it comes to highlights we see so many options that we sometimes get confused and don’t orientate which highlights we want for our hair. According to your hairstyle and complexion you choose the best highlights that can make you more beautiful and alluring. Women with bangs may like the idea of applying highlights on their bangs no matter they are long or short.highlighted bangs 2016 Having highlights only on your bangs will be not only original but also more attractive than on the spread all over your hair and this is the main secret of sporting unique highlights. In this post you can see many hairstyles with highlighted bangs and you can choose the hottest highlights for your bangs.