2017 Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Because blonde is the softest hair color many of us dye even dark hair colors in blonde shades. Below you’ll see the latest blonde hair colors for 2017 and will start thinking of switching up your style and look with one of these cute hues. Blonde is always evolved with new touches and tints. Different tones compliment different skin complexions. Your job is to make the right choice.2017 Blonde Hair Color IdeasFresh Platinum Blonde Hair Color

There are awesome shades of blonde but the lightest one is the platinum blonde. Depending on your base shade you’ll get it on your hair either quicker or later (after deep bleaching). Dark hair colors request deep bleach to provide you with blonde base. After that you can dye your hair in a fresh platinum blonde hair color. The best thing about it is that you can match it with light t dark skin tones.

Lavender Smokestack Hair Color Trend for 2017

Lavender Smokestack is the newest hair color trend also called as smokey purple hair color. It’s a great idea for women who love the rainbow style and look for alternatives to spice up their look. So the rainbow hair trend has just become more interesting with the lavender smokestack hair color for 2017. Discover the real charm of the lavender shade with modern effects and twists.smokey lavender hair colorWhat is Lavender Smokestack Hair Color?

First, google search an image of real smokestack just to imagine what the thing is about. You are going to be obsessed. Once you look at it you’ll then use your fantasy when it comes to hair coloring. Actually, smokestack is a stunning mixture of smokey, purple, lavender and similar hues, which create a rich effect together. So, the name comes from the word smock, which holds gloomy and deep shades. They are beautifully reflected on long hair. The idea is quite creative and fascinating.

Vivid Hair Color Ideas

Vibrant or vivid hair colors are the edgiest shades meant special for brave women. Today Hollywood stars are not afraid of colorful shades and hot experiments. Open the doors for vivid tints and start your exiting adventure like a real celebrity. Check out these hues and try something new and more fascinating. Your new shade will inspire many other women and stylish girls.Vibrant Red Hair Color

From all the vibrant red hair colors choose the brightest shade to impress us. This hair color differs from all red hues as it’s delightful, eye-catching and unique. If you think that your natural red is not enough for you , you can play with more attractive red hair colors, but this very tone is recommended for brunettes and blondes and not natural redheads. Anyway the choice is up to you.

2017 Glitter Roots and Matching Hair Colors

What do you think of the creative glitter roots hairstyles? This is an interesting hair styling solutions particularly when the thing is about festive and prom-ready looks. Glitters roots are shiny and colorful touches that look better with matching hair colors. Below you’ll find the most suitable hair colors for glitter roots 2017. If you have decided to sparkle during these holidays then don’t miss your chance of trying glitter roots hair trend.Glitter Roots and Rainbow Hair Color

The first hair color idea that comes to my mind is the rainbow game for glitter roots. They complement each other and create ultra-festive effects on hair. Even the simplest hairstyle can become so delightful and shiny with glitter roots and rainbow tones. Depending on your base hair color you can either wear pastel or brighter rainbow hair colors, and highlight them with flattering glitter roots.

Marvelous Red Hair Color Ideas 2017

Reddish brown, fiery red, burgundy red, copper, auburn and so on. These are most requested red hair colors for 2017. It’s quite natural to be tired of the same shade of your natural hair color but there is a cool solution for you. Let’s check out these tones of red to use this year as our brand new styles. A bright and fresh hair color can change a lot in your look. Different red hair colors suit different complexions and eye hues, which means that you can finally find yours from this fancy string.Warm Auburn Hair Color

The majority of auburn hair colors are the same reddish browns. Warm auburn goes well with most medium skin tones and green eyes. However it has light and dark tones, which can flatter different complexions. You can match this shade with cool and warm undertones consulting with your colorist. Be careful with it as it requires everyday care like any other bright and warm hair color.

Hair Color Trends 2016

So far we have been discussing many hair colors suitable for this or that season. This time we’ll speak about all hair color trends Spring 2016. Get prepared for the upcoming colorful and romantic season which brings brightness and charm with it. We all love this season because of it’s luminosity and brightness. When leaves start to change their colors into yellow, red and brown we feel the warms that sounds us and unlike the coldness that is going to come we get pleasure of the Spring. Looking at these hues we can say that spring is the season of warm shades that can be worn on hair. Between these shades we choose yellowish blondes, browns and reddish shades. Now we’ll discuss each of them separately.hair colors for spring 2016Blonde Hair Colors for spring 2016

If you are blonde and want to change your hair color in spring 2016 you can take several shades of blonde. Dirty, golden, strawberry and platinum blondes are the very shades you are expected to do your choice between.

5 Best Red Ombre Hair Colors 2016

Actually red ombre is perfect for redheads and brunettes who are looking for a vivid yet not boring hair color. Besides looking fashionable they can also enjoy the attractiveness of ombre which is a new style itself and even if you don’t have much time for hair styling you can always trust on your spiffy ombre. So, here will represent the best red ombre hair colors for 2016 which are very compelling.red ombre hair colors 2016Burgundy Red Ombre Hair Color

This is something which, I am sure, is going to allure many brunettes. It’s very eye-catching due to the brightness of the burgundy red shade. It perfectly goes with dark hair colors creating an astounding rich shade. If you like it you can achieve it by dyeing your in roots burgundy hue and reddish blonde on the ends.

New Hair Color Trend Ecaille for 2016

While you are looking for the most common hair color trends our smart hairstylists represent the new hair color trend Ecaille for 2016. This is the latest hair coloring technique which provides you with the most fashionable look. Today it is also known as “tortoiseshell technique,” which mainly deals with golden highlights along with caramel and dark tones which bring a touch of glow and sun-kissed effect on your look.ecaille hair colors 2016If you need immediate dimension for your hair this color trend is perfect for you. It is already loved by most celebrities who look fabulous in this style. As 2016 is coming you are supposed to richen your hair color and in this case ecaille hair coloring is a great idea. You can go for the ombre style which dyes your roots in darker and the ends in lighter shades or the popular balayage which creates more natural-looking effect. 

Blonde Hair Colors with Dark Roots for 2016

Whether you are natural blonde, brunette or redhead dyeing your hair with a new blonde hair color may look quite different on your hair. if before women went for  monotone and flawless blonde shades covering their hair from roots to the ends, today many celebrities appear in blonde hair colors with dark roots. It’s very fashionable in 2016 and most women choosing blonde hues go for this fascinating technique. There are many examples of blonde hair with dark roots and we’ll discuss the best options from celebrities.Blonde ahir color with dark roots 2016Ashley Greene Light Blonde with Darkened Roots

Blonde hair color works with Ashley’s complexion and goes with her light green eyes. This soft shade of blonde looks fuller with thin golden highlights which warm up her light skin tone. Her center-parted hairstyle allows us see the darkened roots which make her look more differing.

Subtle Highlights for Any Hair Color 2016

Highlights are the easiest ways of bringing some change into your appearance. They are always in thing if you choose the latest options suggested by professional hair colorists. If you are looking for trendy and subtle highlights for any hair color for 2016 then this article will help you get the most suitable highlights for your hair.hair highlights 2016Jennifer Aniston Blonde Highlights

The hair colorist of Jennifer Aniston has found the best way of bringing out Jenny’s light eye color. Applying sandy to beige highlights on dirty blonde hair color he has got a caramelized blonde shade which works with the complexion of this spiffy celebrity beautifully.