Bright Hair Color Ideas for 2016

If you want to experiment bold and bright hair colors then it’s a quite good idea for an immediate change. Since it is not so easy to change a color radically we advise you to ask for help from your hairdresser. And also take into consideration our advice that we are going to give you in this article.

auburn hair color 2016

If you are not aware of the gradual change of colors you should do some research to find out which colors you should take to get a satisfying result. Ask your hairdresser which colors work with your skin tone and which hues go with your eye colors. Only in this way you’ll find the right color for your hair. You can just get highlights on your base color or radically change your hair color. Multi- tonal styles also look different and interesting. You can take 2 or 3 hues of the same color starting from the lighter ones to the brighter colors and get a fantastic stylish result. The brave ones can choose the brightest colors like claret, golden blonde, orange or just dark blue.

Multi Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2016

Need radical changes? Try multi tone hair colors just this year. Recently Multi Tone Hair Colors became popular and widely used. They look fabulous and luxurious. The immediate change of colors would make you a different person and your look will be just stunning. As we know hair colors have the ability to soften our facial features, and multi hair colors give us a great opportunity to choose the best color that matches our facial features. Multi colors allow you to be in the center of attention and if you mix totally different colors the effect will be more fascinating. But before choosing a hair color try to be sure it suits with your skin tone and with your eye colors. This article is devoted just to Multi Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2016. We focus on the most fashionable and stylish solutions that hairstylists offer for 2016. Keep on reading and you’ll realize how beautiful and fantastic multi hair colors look.

Soft blonde with blue highlights 2016

The modern hairdressers know what techniques to use to get the desired result, Multi hair colors are not that easy to create as they are combinations of two and more colors that should work with each other. So, choosing the colors and the hues of multi colors depends not only on your hairdresser but also on your taste.

ombre hair color with multy tones

If you want to combine colors that don’t match together we can say that it’s a risky step and the result may not be so satisfying. So, be careful while mixing colors. You can choose 2 or 3 hair color hues of the same color and you can take totally different colors. For classier look it is advisable to take tints of the same hair color, but if you want to have an original and differing look that will be more eye-catching you can mix different colors.

Black and Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2016

This unique combination of black and blonde colors looks very beautiful and amazing. Totally different colors that make a flashy look are for 2016. This year the most interesting solutions that our smart designers offer differ from each other by their originality. Since multi-tonal hair colors became fashionable this high contrast of black and blonde is one of the bests among them. So, those braves that are ready for radical and unique changes try one of the following Black and Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2016.Black and Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2016 for  pixie hairThere are number of ides for this style and a rich palette of colors is offered you. Contrasting the hues of black and blonde or the shades of brown and blonde hair colors will give you a modern and impressive appearance.This dual tone hair color is quite feminine and tender. Black and blonde or brown and blonde have a kind of mysterious touch in them. The blonde highlights that are seen under the black shades make sense. The glamorous and elegant touch is so visible that this contrast looks even attractive.

Blonette Hair Color Ideas for 2016

Summer is here and it’s time to refresh our hair color. The sun shines the way as if it desires to play with our hair hues. How fantastic if you have shiny hair! Blonette is one of those colors that takes the rays of the sun and shows off it’s incredible shades. It has a kind of color that can be called a mixture of blonde and brunette. The tints of this color vary from warmest shades to the coolest ones. Depending on your skin tone you can choose the one that will look great.Fine Blonette hair color 2016Our hairstyles as well as our organism need refreshment during some period of time. And we are here to recommend you the latest trends and stylish solutions. You have a great opportunity to look stylish and up-to date Blonette Hair Color Ideas for 2016 . For this season choose the best blonette hair color for you. We’ll help you find the most fabulous color that hit this season. This neutral color is very classy and delicate. It best works with darker or lighter natural brunette. The medium layers and chunks dyed with this color look perfect. These are the best variants of blonette hair that you can have a look at.

Red Hair Color Trends for 2016

Red hair color is one of the most risky colors ever. Women having red hair color are always in the center of attention. This color has a kind of attractiveness and an incredible shine. It looks beautiful and unique. It is always fashionable and interesting with all it’s hues. Red hair color has an old story as it goes back to medieval times even when hair colors were divided into three types: blonde, brunette and red.Red hair color 2016Women who had natural red hair were considered to be witches and heretics and they were harshly burned on fire. This old story tells us how beautiful looked women with red color.  Nowadays no one will burn you because of your hair color and if you choose red it will look very pretty and tender. Here you can see Red Hair Color Trends for 2016.

Unique Purple Hair Color Trends for 2016

Are you fond of strange hair colors? Purple is one of them. It differs from many other natural hair colors. Today it inspires many women who want an incredible change in their appearance and here you can see Purple Hair Color Trends for 2016.  You can find all the tints of purple as a hair color starting from the lighter hues to the darkest ones. This hair color is one of the flashiest colors that make your look luxurious and fresh. You may not have much time to spend on designing your hair, but having this hair color your look will be fabulous.

Purple hair color 2016

It is designed both for special events and for everyday life. This stunning game of hues allows you look fantastic. Purple has the ability to blend into the dark shades making a great combination especially with brown and black colors. Unlike other colors this color looks awesome both with straight and curly hair. If you decide to have your hair died in purple choose a professional hairdresser who wields the techniques of right dying. You can also choose a gradual change of this color: from darker to lighter.

Blonde Hair Trends for 2016

Blonde hair color is always considered to be one of the most charming and attractive colors that women have. We know many famous people that have or had blonde hair such as Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson and Madonna. They always attracted many of us with their flashy and amazing looks. Their eye-catching, shiny gold color inspired many women who wanted to look like them. This year blonde hair color is back. It is as popular as the ombre hair color.blonde hair 2016Those who already have blonde hair can just refresh their color, and those who are not blonde: 2016 is the year to change your hair color into blonde. Today there is a wide range of hues of blonde color that give a great opportunity to choose the best that matches your skin tone. Keep in mind that the combination of your hair color and skin tone should be chosen in a professional way not to look bad. The most important thing is to look fabulous and be as much complimented as you want. You may choose one of the colors that match this season. We are here to help you find the one you ever wished to have. Here we offer you some incredible Blonde Hair Trends for 2016 that look really gorgeous and attractive.

Chocolate Brown Hair Colors For 2016

Natural hair color is always the most stylish and popular hair trend. When it comes to chocolate, it is also welcome even the hair color. Thus, they are again very hot and common in 2016. Such color looks as tasty as the bar of chocolate, and is a sweet and warm flavor. If you haven’t dyed your natural hair yet, or want to be more stylish for the coming season, this brown shade is the best choice. It matches all skin complexions and highlights the facial features in a certain natural way.

chocolate hair color

There are a variety of chocolate tones available for each preference and taste. According to the fact, that natural seems to be the way to go in 2016, chocolate tones make a great option, which stretches from light brown to dark chocolate.

Best Hair Color Chart for Every Shade

You are looking for a better color for your next hair color or you want to change it entirely? This hair chart will give you a wide range of opportunities to choose a nice color for your hair. These are the colors that you can change gradually. We are here to help you with our advice which color to choose. Perhaps you are already tired of your mousey brown hair which you used to have for your entire life.

Hair color guide

Now, it’s time to do some changes. If you always wanted to have redhead or blonde hair then what are you waiting for? Here we collected the Best Hair Color Chart for Every Shade taking into account skin tones and eye colors they best go with. Below you can see your complete guide to hair color. Now, choose the best one for you.