Get Inspired by Bright Hair Colors

If you think that bright hair colors are only for teenagers we can say that you are wrong. Today each woman wants to get a startling appearance by changing her hair color. The radical changes that our celebrities go for inspire many of us. Now it’s not strange to see purple, red, orange or pink hair colors. It’s even quite interesting.

bright hair colors

Women who go for this kind of changes are considered to be more risky. They want to look different and original. So, the rich palette of hair colors allows us to have our hair dyed in which color we want starting from the darkest hues to the brightest colors.  There are different tints of green, orange, blue, purple, pink and red that you can choose for your next hair color. Here we are going to show you the best versions of Bright Hair Colors. Have a look and choose the one that most inspires you.

Dip Dye Hair Colors

This kind of hair color is for those who like the techniques of ombre hair coloring. That is, when our hairdressers use two colors to create a fascinating effect. But instead of mixing the colors they color the roots of your hair with one color and the ends of the hair with the other contrasting shade. This technique is used to create different hairstyles. It is used in many hair lengths but it has a better effect on longer hair. If you have short hair and still want to get this great result then you’d better find a good hairstylist who can professionally work with the colors.
Light Blonde Hair

Here you can check some awesome Dip Dye Hair Colors which are suitable for this season. Choose the one that best matches with your skin tone and eye color.

Best Brunette Hair Colors

If you think that all brunet shades are dark you are wrong. There are lighter and tenderer colors among brunette hues. You can make a great impression by these shades too. They look delicate, classy and stunning. Among brunette shades you can find milk chocolate brown, dark chestnut brown, light chestnut brown, medium brown, walnut brown, maple brown, , cinnamon brown, auburn brown: light reddish brown color lighter than auburn and many others.brunette hair colorHere are represented Best Brunette Hair Colors. Have a look at them and choose the one that best goes with your skin tone and eye color.

Amazing Hair Colors for 2016

We want you to become gorgeous and more attractive and for this reason we offer you Amazing Hair Colors for 2016 which look fantastically beautiful. If you have already colored your hair it’s time to refresh it with the best hues of cool colors that are represented below. These are the must have hair color hues that will first inspire you and then people around you.

Hair Colors for Fall 2016

Now check out these cool hair colors for fall 2015 and try out one of them.

Modern Versions to Create an Ombre Hairstyle

What is ombre hair coloring? It’s the art of hairstyle where the hair moves from darker at the roots to lighter at the ends. This amazing hair color recently became very popular and our hairstylists do their best to find new and modern solutions for ombre hair coloring. Everyone form teenagers to mature women are inspired by this nice hair color. And to satisfy the demands of our fashionable women we collected the best of Modern Versions to Create an Ombre Hairstyle. To get this cool look you even don’t need to go salon; you can get it by yourself following ombre hair coloring tips from home.

Ombre hair color

This hair color was evolved during the last years. Before, it had fewer ways of hairstyles then today. We usually saw it on straight long hair but now it is widely used by women with medium and even short hair. Now ombre hues are more stylish, chick and tender. To find out which ombre tints are popular today check out the following looks.

Diane Kruger Strawberry Blonde Hair Color at the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards

At the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards Diane Kruger appeared on the red carpet with her awesome dress and fantastic hair color which now inspires many of us. This new brand hair color of strawberry blonde looks quite fascinating. The shine and the flashy effect it has give a lighter appearance to her pretty face.Diane Kruger  Strawberry Blonde Hair Color 2016It goes both with her far skin and eye colors and the blue brocade-print Naeem Khan dress which suits beautifully. The strapless dress allows her show off her tender shoulders on which the strawberry blonde color looks harmonious and nice. After this show Kruger was discovered via her Instagram page where she had already shared her luxurious and gorgeous look on red carpet describing this way- “And here we go! How do you like my new strawberry hair?! #makingmovies #Sky,”.

5 Bright Styles of Black Ombre Hair

Black ombre is one of the classiest effects among hair coloring styles. Recently it became trendy enough and has millions of fans. Girls like the way it works with their hair and complexion. It allows them express and emphasizesthe hidden beauty of their facial features. The wide variety of color combinations that offers black ombre style amuses us. Here are represented Bright Styles of Black Ombre Hair. Try out one of them and enjoy this fashionable style.

Black to Brown Ombre with Golden Highlights

#1: Black to Brown Ombre with Golden Highlights

Due to the transitional blenchto dark chocolate now we have great opportunities to get fantastic hairstyle by mixing black with lighter hues of medium brown and adding golden highlights. Whether you have your hair loose, wavy, straight or curly they will look fabulous and will show the beauty of your hair color. 

Colorful Hair Colors for summer 2016

When changing our hair color we feel as if we are different and people around us think that have changed. Yes, changing something in your appearance also has the ability to change your mind and mood. But have you ever thought about a radical hair color change? Here we are going to show you Colorful hair colors for summer 2016.Summer Hair color 2016You can mix two or more different bright colors that go with each other. A smart approach towards this style is demanded as the result should be beautiful and not just a mixture of two hues. Pay attention to your skin tone and eye color to match the colors of your hair. Multi-tone colors allow you put together such hues that differ from each other but still look great when combined.

New Dark Hair Color Ideas for Summer

In this article we are going to discuss New Dark Hair Color Ideas for Summer. Before choosing one of them make sure that it is the best one for your hair and it will suit you much than your previous hair color. Take into consideration your skin tone and eye color which should match with your hair color.The shown colors that are also chosen by Rihanna and Nicky Minaj will make you look like one of them. Since our celebrities do their best to look stunning you can be inspired by the hair colors they pick. Here you can surely find the fashionable bold hair colors for your new look.

Bold Hair Color Ideas shades of red

Our advice for you; don’t be shy of your new look and feel confident whatever you’ve chosen. It’s your style that shows your individuality. You can choose one of the following fabulous hues that are really amazing and will attract everyone.Bold hair colors are quite eye-catching as they differ from other natural colors. The basic natural colors that we meet are few and just for this reason we look for different solutions to look different.

10 Coffee Brown Hair Color Ideas

This best collection of 10 coffee brown hair colors is here for you. If you are a brunette then you should defiantly try one of these amazing colors. They all look gorgeous and taking into account that coffee brown is quite trendy then these examples can be used during the whole 2016 year. Have a look at them and choose the best one for you.

#1: Black Coffee Hair Color with Ombre HighlightsBlack Coffee Hair With Ombre HighlightsBrunettes who are fond of ombre hair can choose this cute color by adding creamy caramel highlights to their hair. Here Elizabeth Gillies enjoys her wavy hairstyle which gives a softer appearance to her pretty face. It goes both with her skin tone and dark eye color.