Blondes vs Brunettes: 2016 Hair Colors

Blondes or brunettes? Which are more attractive? This is a question that will never get an answer. Todays; article is devoted to one of the most interesting themes: Blondes vs Brunettes and here we’ll discuss the best examples of your celebrities. Which celebrity which color prefers you will know just here. Keep on reading and discover the most amazing blondes and brunettes.So, if you have decided to change your appearance by changing your hair color the options bellow will help you to find the best 2016 Hair Colors. Some celebrity makeovers can help you find the right color for you.

Dakota JohnsonDakota Johnson Blondes vs Brunettes

Pretty fairy Dakota Johnson however looked fantastic with her glowing blonde look she suddenly appeared with dark brown hair on the red carpet. The result was awesome and amused everyone. Her makeover is meant for the new role in the upcoming interesting movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Radiant Highlights for Summer 2016

Summer is the season that demands brightness and one of the best ways to satisfy this hot season is to provide it with radiant highlights. They look pretty as well as offer a new yet not that radical change. These great examples of radiant highlights for summer 2016 will inspire yu for your upcoming look.

Electric Blueelectric blue highlightsThis great electric hue can transfer our dark locks into a fascinating cool effect. It is best achieved by hair extensions and merely added highlights. Though it will take some time and efforts but you need to amuse everyone around you. The darker your hair, the more complicated the coloring process. Electric blue highlights best work with cool tones.

Rainbow Hair Colors for Summer 2016

Summer is the season of getting crazy, having fun and amusing people around you with creative changes on your appearance. Here we represent you the best and the most creative Rainbow Hair Colors for summer 2016. All of them are lovely but try to pick the one that best suits your complexion and eye color.Rainbow Hair Color MixtureRainbow hairstyle is the style that demands two and more color mixtures and it’s quite a risky one. Before dying your hair with rainbow hair colors we recommend you to find a professional hairstylist and avoid doing it by yourself. If you don’t want failed or odd looks you are supposed to take colors the way they could look harmonious and balanced. Rainbow color palette really gives you that great chance.

8 Hair Colors to Try in Summer

You are probably a kind of person that likes new changes and especially follows seasonal changes. In this article we are going to offer you 8 hair colors to try in summer. The variety of hues will give you a great chance to choose the most suitable hair color for you. We will help you to pick the best option.

Light reddish brown hair colorLight reddish brown hair colorThis fantastic hair color can be worn by women who have fair skin complexion and light eye color. It is a great choice for summer months as it catches the rays of the sun and shows off the subtle shades it has. It will look more beautiful on curly and wavy hair but if you have long straight hair the effect will also be stunning.

10 Questions you should be asked by Your Hairstylist

Before touching your hair each hairstylist is supposed to ask several essential questions concerning your hair. Here we represent 10 questions you should be asked by your hairstylist which will be useful both for you and for your hairstylist. Now, keep on reading to know the right way of caring about your hair.

So, here are the most essential questions:

Happy Young Woman Getting Hair Styled as Updo in Salon     1.How often do you like to get your hair done?

This is important first of all for your hairstylist to know the desired frequency and the need of getting your hair done.

5 Creative Hair Colors for 2016

2016 is original due to it’s tendency of creative approaches in fashion. On of the most impressive transformation suggests hair coloring. If you want to look even more unique and creative you are in the right place. Here we will show you the best hair colors for 2016 that have a touch of creativity. From the most neutral to the most vivid colors you can see hairstyles that look pretty enough and are original due to their solutions.

Fiery Red Hair Colorfiery red hair colorThis perfectly rich red hair color is going to show off it’s bravery and hotness. According to your natural shade this effect can be achieved in a one or two-step process. You need to do frequent touch ups as red is the color that demands attention and regular care. To keep it’s fantastic shade and flashy look you need to keep it fresh and always shiny. It may bring several bright hues under the rays of the sun. You’ll enjoy the way it expresses itself.  Fiery red hair color best works with fair skin and light-colored eyes.

Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2016

If you want to refresh your hairstyle without having your hair cut or styling it in a different way, we are here to  offer you hair color ideas that are quite fashionable in 2016. They will not only change your appearance but also will fill you with more confidence with their warm and subtle looks. Now you can have a look at these great colors and chose the best one for your next hair color.

Hair Color Idea with a Hue of Warmthwarm hair color ideaWomen who have warm skin tone can try this kind of hair color adding some warmth to their hair color. A tender warm shade can bring depth to your hair matching with your skin tone. It will look really fantastic and you’ll surely love the result. In this case you don’t even need to do a radical change to have this effect. You just need to choose a warm color closer to your previous color and letting that rich warm mingle with your color and make it glow.

How often you should Color Your Hair

If you color your hair you should know several tips to care about your fine hair. Since both bleaching and dyeing are potential damagers of your hair you are supposed to be careful while deciding to color your hair. Here we offer the best and essential rules for health coloringGray hair to Dark:

If you have gray hair and dye it into dark shade you need to go for touch ups for about every tree weeks. But don’t forget to use hair color protective shampoos.

Blonde Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Blonde ombre hair color is one of the most fashionable and requested hair colors. It’s technique attracts many women and inspires for their next looks. Have a look at these great options of messy, straight, bright and natural blonde ombres.

Slow and LowBlonde Ombre Hair ColorThis soft or so called slow transition from darker blonde roots to lighter blonde edges is perfect for medium skin tones. If it’s your first time of hair coloring you can always add more lightness each time you refresh it. It will always look nice and will bring more and more lightness to your appearance.

Stylish Ultra-Glam Highlights

Don’t you want to amuse the mirror with your sparking appearance? This attractive idea can be realized only if you decide to change your hair color into Stylish Ultra-Glam Highlights. Say goodbye to your gloomy highlights and say hello to the new shiny look. The following ultra-glam highlights will guide you to the most fabulous look. They will surely emphasize your pretty facial features and your inner beauty. These professionally designed hairstyles will inspire you for your next look.Stylish Ultra-Glam HighlightsChoose the best hues for your ultra-glam highlights just looking at these gorgeous examples. All the combinations are fantastic and cool. The monotony of your hair is not that attractive and as soon as you change them into flashy highlights they will sparkle and thank to you for the amazing effect. If you wish a natural effect go for classy hair coloring.