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Bright Brown Hair Highlights

Brown hair color is the color that is always trendy and provides stunning looks due to it’s shine and mysterious shades. Bright brown hair highlights are the most fashionable options for those that love to experiment with the hues of brown. Both celebrities and modern ladies wear this hair color that refreshes the previous looks.Bright Brown Hair Highlights for medium skin toneWomen with brown hair color may need a little change in their appearance and in this case bright brown can be a great idea. If you don’t want a radical change and just wish to highlight your beautiful look you can apply vibrant brown highlights on your layers. For more natural effect you can take closer hue of brown for your hair.

Tie- Dye Hair Color Ideas

Dyeing your hair with the tie dye technique is a great way of refreshing the look of your hair. It’s quite easy and enjoyable. You even don’t need to visit salon to get one of these results. Many hairstylists call this kind of hair dying dip dyeing. Whatever it is called the main idea is to give your hair more attractive and funky look by dying your locks with different colors.Tie- Dye Hair with pastel huesThough many use long lasting process while getting this result but we are here to offer you the easiest way of tie dye hair coloring.  We’ll also offer the best tie dye hair color ideas.

Eternal Lavender Hair Color

Lavender is the lightest hue of purple that looks ethereal and very beautiful on hair. Women with this hair color always stand out from the crowd with their subtle and airy appearance. Some shades of lavender hair color are closer to light pastel purple hair color. The light shades of the lilac flower also remind of nice lavender hair color. This hair color makes you look like fairy run from a wonderland. Though it looks good combined with fair skin tones but there are cases when it goes also with medium skin tone. In this case light eye color will break down the contrast. In this article you’ll see examples of lavender hair color that will surely inspire you if you are a fan of light hair colors.

Lavender Hair Color on Long Hairlavender hair color on long hairLong or short your hair will look dreamlike. Here you see fair skin and subtle lavender hair color combo. They work well with each other creating more feminine look. Light blue eyes bring a heavenly touch creating a dolly look.

Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights 2016

Though blonde and brown combination is no longer a new hair coloring technique but our smart hairstylist have found out new fashionable solutions for blonde and brown hair color combo. The newest version mainly shares the ides of blonde hair with brown highlights. We will represent the latest options of this hairstyle and will give you a great idea of a trendy hair coloring.Blonde Hair With Chunky Brown highlightsThere are different ways of styling your hair with blonde and brown hair colors. The most important thing is to take into account your skin complexion to match it with the best shade of brown or blonde. If you are a natural blonde you are supposed to focus on the shades of brown as all blonde hair colors will suit you. On the other hand, if you are a natural brunette you should choose a suitable shade between blonde hair colors.

Kim Kardashian Hair Color Makeover

Before writing this article we have been looking for the most amazing hair color makeover of Kim Kardashian. Though she is one of the celebrities that never fail in the changes of their appearance but they also have smashing makeover examples. So, now let’s see what hair color ideas are used by Kim Kardashian.

Natural Hair Color of Kim KardashianKim Kardashian dark hair colorBeing a natural brunette with dark brown hair color Kim Kardashina has experimented different shades of brown closer to her natural hair color. Of course all the versions look nice on her dark hair and compliment her warm skin complexion.

Which Hair Colors are Fashionable in 2016

Looking for the latest fashionable hair colors? Her are the best options of hair colors for 2016. We represent hair colors for all skin complexions with the help of our celebrity hair color examples. After reading the article have a look at these pictures and decide which hair color is the best for you in 2016.

Anne Hathaway Platinum Blonde Hair ColorAnne Hathaway Platinum Blonde Hair ColorHaving natural brunette hair color Anne Hathaway suddenly appears with platinum blonde hair. Surprisingly it suits her due to her light skin tone. In spite the contrast between brown eyes and blonde hue this hair color makeover is one of the greatest changes Anne has ever sported.

Black and Red Hair Color Ideas

Nutty looks that are provided by extravagant hair color combinations that are waiting for our brave and crazy women  ready to do radical changes on their appearance. In this article we’ll speak about the mad combination of red and black hair colors that inspired many women. The shown examples will prove how attractive red and black combo looks on hair. They are the colors that go both with fair skin tones and with warm complexions without asking any eye color. If you need a dramatic transformation that will help you stand out from the crowd red and black hair color options are here for and red hair colorHalf Black -Half Red Hair Color

As you see this experiment worked well bringing out absolute red and black hair colors dividing hair into two equal parts. It looks nice both on long curly hair ad on medium length straight hair bringing out the real shades of black and red. 

Fashionable Hair Color Ideas for Long Hair

Long hair is a gift if it’s healthy and good-looking. But what do we do to get stunning hairstyle and gorgeous look. The first thing you should think of is your hair color. Does it go with your long hair? It’s time to discover which the best shades for long hair are in 2016. Here we’ll speak about the smashing hair colors that look very beautiful especially on long hair and bring out their real shade due to your long layers.

Platinum Blonde Hair Colorplatinum blone hair colorPlatinum blonde hair color looks nice on many hairstyles but it shows off it’s real tenderness only on long hairstyles. White blonde or platinum blonde can look good on long straight hair and will work with fair skin complexions and light eye colors. If you need a light shade of blonde platinum blonde is a good choice.

Awesome Shades of Blonde Hair Color 2016

Most blonde women may prove that this is just the hair color that demands much care and regular touch ups. Of course there are various shades of blonde starting from the lightest ice shades to the darkest dirty blonde hues. But the most important thing is to choose the best shade that can complement your skin tone and eye color. Now, we’ll discuss the shades of blonde hair color 2016 and you’ll pick the shade that beat goes with your skin complexion and eye color.

Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair Colors 2016blue eyes and blonde hair colorThe best shades of blonde that work nice with blue eyes, are lighter shades of blonde, however ash blonde can also look nice and quite attractive. The lighter the shade of blonde, the more natural your look.

Brown Hair Color Inspiration

The best options of hair colors are always worn by stylish celebrities. Many women get inspired just by the hair colors they experiment and show off during fashion shows. The modern and professional hairstylists try to create the newest versions of already existing hair colors adding nice solutions. This time we will show the brown hair colors of celebrities that are going to inspire you.

Lily Collins Brown Hair Color: Mahogany brownLily Collins Brown Hair ColorLily Collins is sparkling with a mahogany brown hair color on her nice medium length hairstyle. This hair color combined with reddish undertones can suit both warm and fair skin tones. If your hair is short  you can go for a mahogany brown hair color to make your appearance more attractive. For a final look you can add some reddish highlights on the edges.