Ombre Hair Colors with Highlights

Ombre is a fantastic hair coloring technique that looks stylish and exotic. It is worn by many celebs like Rachel Bilson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Biel. It is an effect that can be achieved by dyeing hair roots with a darker shade and gradually goes for lighter hue. The next method is to dye roots with a dark shade and change it radically into a light shade on ends making a nice contrast. The greatest thing about ombre style is that it suits every woman. Though this is a hairstyle that demands long hair but it can make great image on lob and bob haircuts.Ombre hair color and highlightsNo matter you are dark or pale-skinned, or have light or dark-toned eyes, you can go for a wonderful ombre hair if you want to. Avoid too much contrasting not to ruin the entire appearance and make an artificial effect.  It’s perfect for any occasion and especially if you are busy it’s a nice style itself and you won’t need additional styling. Adding some nice highlights to your ombre hairstyle you can make it even more attractive. Highlights also will bring more voluminous look to your hair.

How to get Ombre Hair Color

If you wish to get this result you should follow these steps. Dark hair colored women are expected to apply a neutral to golden hair color to the ends of the hair. But if you want to change the colors of the ends as well as of the roots you are supposed to apply dark hair color on your roots first and only then lighter hair color on the ends. To achieve the ideal ombre effect, use a “moist” type of light hair. Dilute the hair dye preparation process with water if you want more delicate and natural looking effect.ombre hair colorsProtect Your Ombre Hair Color

Very often washing colored hair with wrong products makes the color fade immediately. To protect your shiny ombre hair color you should use a shampoo made special for brunet hair applying it on roots. Then use a lightening conditions special for blonde hair at the ends. Don’t forget about regular touch ups to keep the shine of your locks.

Ombre hair color is very fashionable in 2015-2016 and following these tips you will be able to get a pretty and tender look that can be compared with the styles of our celebrities.  ombre hair color on long hair