Newest Ombre Hair Colors

Have a look at our latest collection of the newest ombre hair colors and think of changing your shade in 2017. These are the most creative and interesting styles of ombre hair colors with modern touches and crazy experiments. They grab attention just from the first sight. If you want to differ from the rest with your posh look then it’s the high time to join the group of two-tone-haired ladies.Newest Ombre Hair ColorsWarm Ombre Hair Color

Spring and summer are the best seasons for sun-kissed and warm hair colors. Even if you have brunette hair you can get the desired warmth with bleached our tips. After bleaching you may go for a warm blonde or caramel shade for this rich and sophisticated result. It’s ideal for brunettes with light skin tone and dark eyes. You’ll get a harmonious and attractive style. Just make sure you want to lighten up your hair tips by bleaching.warm ombre hair color 2017Rainbow Ombre Hair Color

It seems as if Asian women are the bravest in their street style looks. They opt for the latest hair color trends to beautify their brunette and black locks. Special for those who dream of fancy rainbow hair colors here is a lovely rainbow ombre style. It goes well with natural black roots and tends to add a playful interest to dark monotone hair. You can choose it for medium or long hair. We have something cooler for short haircuts.rainbow ombre hair color 2017Ombre Hair Color for Short Hair

Blonde and brown hair color combos are the most popular in the technique of the ombre style but it’s not that common when the thing is about short hair. In this case, brown or black roots with blonde tips create a stunning contrast and a well-balanced combo of hues. Stylists prove that short haircuts don’t forbid them to go for great ombre hair colors.ombre hair color for short hair 2017Blue Ombre Hair Color

Almost all tones of blue are trendy in 2017. We see denim blue hairstyles, pastel silver-blue highlights as well as deep mermaid blue ombre hair colors. This tone is paired with deep black roots and the result is more than inspiring. It’s perfect both for light and dark complexions and can be paired with black or blue eyes. As you see, the middle part of the hair is in a teal greenish shade, which provides with more subtleness and makes the hair color transition even ombre hair color 2017