Modern Versions to Create an Ombre Hairstyle

What is ombre hair coloring? It’s the art of hairstyle where the hair moves from darker at the roots to lighter at the ends. This amazing hair color recently became very popular and our hairstylists do their best to find new and modern solutions for ombre hair coloring. Everyone form teenagers to mature women are inspired by this nice hair color. And to satisfy the demands of our fashionable women we collected the best of Modern Versions to Create an Ombre Hairstyle. To get this cool look you even don’t need to go salon; you can get it by yourself following ombre hair coloring tips from home.

Ombre hair color

This hair color was evolved during the last years. Before, it had fewer ways of hairstyles then today. We usually saw it on straight long hair but now it is widely used by women with medium and even short hair. Now ombre hues are more stylish, chick and tender. To find out which ombre tints are popular today check out the following looks.

Golden Ombre Hair Color

Golden Ombre Hair

This subtle color on Ali Fedotovski’s messy bob haircut suits quite nicely. From a light golden brown at the roots to a medium golden blonde at the tips makes an awesome transformation. It makes her look bronzy and warm that suits her facial features. If you have medium to light brown hair color with warm golden undertones then this will be the best choice for this year.

Golden Blonde Ombre

Golden Blonde Ombre

In this picture wee see how beautiful Katie Cooper looks with that cool effect. Golden blonde ombre works great with her natural curly hair. Her cute layers allow this color move from a golden brown tone at the roots to light golden blonde at the ends. It’s obvious that her stylist worked professionally to get that fascinating result. If you have warm complexion or natural golden brown hair or just blonde hair then you can easily take this color. We can say that it will look beautiful also with freckled complexions as Katie did.

Ombre Color on Long Layers

Ombre Color on Long Layers

Here we can see how subtle Gillian Jacobs looks. Her natural dark brown roots move into a dark blonde at the ends. Instead of having a bold, two toned color she has chosen having highlights at the bottom. This ombre hue on her long layers looks very delicate. It makes her tenderer and gives a kind of sun-kissed effect. Women who have naturally dark brown hair and cool complexion can try this color. It will look fantastic.

Ombre hair

Long Ombre Locks

And last but not least PiaToscanowith her artistic long ombre locks. As you see her natural black-brown hair moves into light caramel brown at the ends giving her an amazing look. For a tenderer transformation Pia has used highlights which give a volume to her fine hair. Women who have long brown or black natural hair can use this color and we can say that this color is not preferable for short hairstyles as it won’t be as gorgeous as on long hair.