Two-Toned Hair Color Ideas

What is  tone-tone hair color? It’s a great combination of two different shades that can even go on a contrast with each other but still look awesome. The options of using this technique are various as there are millions of hair colors. As two-tone hair dyeing is not an easy task we recommend you to refer to a hairstylist before going for it. He/she can give a good advice and a good matching idea. Women having dark hair may need to bleach it to get the desired result especially if you want to go for light or vibrant shades.platinum blonde with pink highlightsHere you see Ashlee Simpson with two shades of blonde hair color: dark blonde on roots and light blonde on ends. Since two-tone hair coloring is popular among celebrities you can see several photos of celebs with two-tone hair colors.

Isabel Lucal Two Toned Ombre HairIsabel Lucal Two Toned Ombre Hair

Dark Brown Hair with Caramel HighlightsDark Brown Hair with Caramel HighlightsWhen it comes to two-tone hair coloring the contrasting method is very common. It can be achieved with dark and light shades of different hair colors; though there are cases when dark hair colors are combined with vibrant hues. You can wear black and red, black and blue or white blonde and pink combinations. Golden blonde and auburn is another alternative that looks quite nice.

Black Hair with Blue EdgesBlack hair with Blue EdgesVibrant Red Hair with Black SplashesVibrant Red hair with Black Splashes 2016If you are a fan of ponytails you can dye the back part of your hair with a vibrant hue and the rest of your hair with another. When styling a high ponytail the brightly dyed hair will look very nice.

A Mixture of Dark Red and Turquoise Blue Hair ColorsA Mixture of Dark Red and Turquoise Blue Hair ColorsFor more natural-looking effect you can go for hair colors that are closer to your natural hair color or are closer to each other like dark and light blonde, dark and light browns and deep reds with light red shades (ginger).

There are also tree toned hair colors that demand your natural hair color and two vivid shades of different hair colors. In this case pastel colors are great choices.

Three toned hair: pastel color, blue, pink and blondeThree toned hair  pastel color, blue, pink and blonde Besides using regular hair dyeing method you can choose temporary dyeing with the help of hair coloring chalks. To get a nice result you simply need to apply pastel colored chalks that can be found in art shops.

Ash blonde hair with turquoise splashAsh blonde hair with turquoise splashSplash hair Coloring is another way of getting two-toned hair color. All you need to do is to combine your current hair color with a vibrant tint like blue, red, pink, yellow or subtle purple.

Lady Gaga Platinum blonde with splash of grey with turquoise shadeLady Gaga Platinum blonde with splash of grey with turquoise shadeMahogany Hair Color with Bright Red HighlightsMahogany Hair Color with Bright Red HighlightsAshlee Simpson two-tone blonde hair colorAshlee Simpson two-tone blonde hair colorTwo-tone hair coloring is quite popular and all you need to do is to discuss the possible versions with your hairstylist.