Tie- Dye Hair Color Ideas

Dyeing your hair with the tie dye technique is a great way of refreshing the look of your hair. It’s quite easy and enjoyable. You even don’t need to visit salon to get one of these results. Many hairstylists call this kind of hair dying dip dyeing. Whatever it is called the main idea is to give your hair more attractive and funky look by dying your locks with different colors.Tie- Dye Hair with pastel huesThough many use long lasting process while getting this result but we are here to offer you the easiest way of tie dye hair coloring.  We’ll also offer the best tie dye hair color ideas.

Bleaching dark hair: If you have dark hair you are expected to bleach it. This is because lighter shades reflect their real colors only on light hair. If you are not familiar with the bleaching techniques we recommend you visit your hairstylist. But if you have such experience you can do it at home.Tie- Dye Hair blonde and light pink hair colorsExtensions: if you don’t like the idea of bleaching your hair we offer another option. So, you can get your hair extensions instead of bleaching. It is safer and won’t damage your hair. It is important to choose natural human hair, since synthetic hair won’t hold the colors.Tie- Dye Hair rainbow hair colorsChoosing colors: when it comes to colors you are given a wide opportunity of choosing unique styles. You can either have monotone effect or combine several different hues. But for more agreeable styles you may choose 2 or more hair colors and dye several sections of your hair.  You can take either light or slightly bright shades of vivid colors. Other hair color options are pastel colors that look really pretty on hair.Tie- Dye Hair pink and blonde hair colorsDye alternatives: if you need one of these looks only for a couple of days then there is no need to go for a permanent hair dyeing. You can just use Kool Aid. All you need to do is to combine your conditioner with a common Kool Aid and apply this mixture over your hair. Leave it on overnight in a Cling wrap. Wash your hair the next morning and you’ll get amused by the fascinating result. Later on if you want to get rid of this color you can use a common shampoo which easily removes the color.Tie- Dye Hair black and purple hair colors

Tie- Dye Hair rainbow hair colors 2016

Tie- Dye Hair dark blonde and pink hair colors

Tie- Dye Hair deep brown and deep purple hair colorsSo, these great tips can help you get a nice hairstyle for special occasions or just for fun. Try to pick subtle and bright shades for warm season and cooler hues for chilly season.Tie- Dye Hair white blonde and pink hair colors