Thin Highlights for Brown Hair

Brown hair is very beautiful and is one of the natural looking hair colors. It is worn by many women of different age groups and if you have brown hair here we offer awesome thin highlights for brown hair that look very nice. No matter you have long or short haircut highlights can always add dimension and depth to your hair. They look eye-catching in both cases. Applying highlights on long hair is as amazing as on short hair. They differ from each other by the styles they tend to create and since many shades go with brown hair color you can choose colors that compliment your complexion. Now, let’s consider these thin highlights that are going to allure you by their tender highlights on brown hairBlonde highlights on brown hair

If you have brown hair perhaps you have always thought about blonde highlights. But it’s not easy to choose the best blonde shades for brown hair color. Not any blonde can go with brown hair color. Not to look like washed up you need to take blonde hues closer to your brown shade. For example honey blonde, dirty blonde and golden blonde highlights will beautifully warm up your appearance and make your hair shinier.Blonde highlights on brown hair 2016Golden brown highlights for dark brown hair

Having thin golden brown highlights on your fine hues of brown you’ll allow your locks look fresher and glossier. The rays of the sun will play with your shades with great pleasant because you have chosen one of the shiniest hair colors. You can apply golden brown highlights on the top of your hair or can just add them on your edges.Golden brown highlights for dark brown hair 2016Reddish brown/copper highlights

Reddish brown is the closest hue to the brown shades. It makes brown hair lovelier and more attractive. Add some thin reddish or copper highlights on your layers and you’ll change the monotone effect of your brown hair. It looks nice both on long and short haircuts. But if you have a short haircut you should definitely change your monotone hair color into a flashy one adding reddish brown or copper highlights.Reddish brown hair color 2016Red and blonde at the edges

You can add red and blonde highlights on your edges leaving the crown part brown hair color. It will bring a sophisticated and delicate effect softening the look of your hair. It’s perfect for women who seek for an original hair color combo. It can be nicer worn on a high ponytail and undo hairstyles.Red and blonde highlights 2016Pink, blue, or violet highlights

If you love to experiment with funny and unique hair colors pink, blue or violet highlights are for you. You will surely love the effects they bring out. But don’t apply too much highlights not to look dull and not to lose the desired look. You can also use temporary hair coloring methods if you don’t want to go for a permanent colorful hair.Pink, blue, or violet highlights 2016Before going for any highlighting take into consideration your skin tone and eye color and choose highlights matching them.Pink, blue, or violet highlights