Subtle Rose Gold Hair Color for 2016

The hues of the beautiful rose flower combined with light hair colors are recently used as new hair color options. These subtle tints make can make your look very tender and feminine. They are unique and have different shades for different skin tones. Here you can see pretty rose gold hair colors 2016 which are basically mixtures of pink and red. You may also meet purple-y pink shades which brings a quite fairy touch into your look.Rosie Huntington rose hairCombined with the right cut rose gold can be reflect it’s shades perfectly. So, you can apply it on bob cuts, pixie cuts, on medium length hair, on long layers as highlights making your hair cut fresh and healthy-looking. If you want to match it with a flawless makeup you can use shimmery highlighters and shadows.

In an ombre effect this hair color looks awesome on your locks since ombre allows it appear with lighter shades on ends and with darker shades on roots. Another alternative is the combo of light blonde and rose when you use the ombre technique and the pretty red and rose effect. When it comes to ombre the variant are really plenty enough and if you love this style you can also experiment with it putting in front part of your hair and leave the rest in a light blonde shade.rose gold ombre

Rose Gold Hair Color 2016 rose gold hair color 2016If you have platinum hair color you can add subtle light rose gold shade onto it and get nymph-like vibes. This hair color looks fantastic on braided hairstyles and if decorated with flowers you’ll surely look like a pixie run from a fairy-tale.rose gold hairSince this hair color mainly suits pale complexions with rose undertones darker skin toned women may think various ways of achieving it. The best way is to go for deeper rose gold shades particularly on uber-straight locks. It also adds dimension and depth to your hair. Style it with curls and the result will not let you leave the mirror.dark rose hair color

deep rose gold hair colorIf you don’t want to go for an entire rose gold hair color you can apply it only on the tips of your hair. It will look as if you hair color faded losing it’s dark shade, but the effect is very original. Wear a high ponytail and show off your rose god tips that differ from the rest of your hair.

These pictures will help you find the best rose gold shade matching your skin tone and eye color. Discuss it with your hair colorist before dyeing your hair. Avoid swimming pools just after dyeing your locks and use hair color protective shampoo and conditioner. Don’t forget about touch ups not to lose the shine of the golden hues. Look as fashionable as possible in 2016!928627_1504230433183052_1732782484_n