Subtle Green Tips Hair Color Ideas

Sometimes we choose hair colors according to our taste and preferences but the most important thing about hair color choice is the complexion matching. Before taking any hair dye make sure it goes with your skin tone and eye color. Since today we’ll represent green tips hair color ideas we will speak about complexion matching tips on hair 2016Green Tips on Blonde Hair

Green tips look very subtle and ethereal especially if combined with light blonde hair colors. These marine shades are very tender and give you a fascinating look. If you are looking for a unique hair coloring which is also trendy then green tips are great for you. it’s easy to get on blonde hair an doesn’t cover your entire hair. You can also use mint green which is a fashionable pastel tips on blonde hair 2016

green tips on blonde hair

green tips with blonde hair

Kate Bosworth green tips

pastel green hair color on tips

green tips with blonde colorGreen Tips on Dark Hair

Women who have dark hair color and want to go for green tips should first bleach their ends. Only with the help of bleaching you can get the desired light blonde shade on your tips. You just need to make your ends closer to blonde shades which will allow you dye them with light colors like marine green. But if you think it’s risky to go for bleaching and it may damage your locks you can choose the highlighting technique and add darker green highlights in your hair.

To get one of these results you need to have long hair so that you can dye your tips. However it may look nice on medium length hair too. Super straight hairstyles are the best hairstyles for this hair color which shows off it’s effect appearing on long straight tips on brown hair

green tips on dark hair 2016

green tips on dark hair

green tips on dark hair 2016

mint green tips on brown hair 2016

mint green tips on brown hairGreen Tips and Eye Color

Those with light complexion and eye color such as green or blue will lighten up their complexion more. To avoid it you and not to look washed out you can dye your hair with a warmer shade of blonde then go for green tips. It will look nicer and more attractive. Women with light eye colors and dark skin tones can choose green color which can suit their eye color. in this case you can get a well-balanced and harmonious look. If you have dark eyes and dark complexion you may ether add green highlights in your dark hair or bleach the ends to get green tips. Both look very sophisticated and tips on long hair