Modern Hair Highlights

The ultimate modern hair highlights differ from all you have been trying in previous years. They are fancy and fabulous. Just keep up with the coolest and hottest hair highlights if you want to know what’s new in the fashion world. These are awesome ideas for dark and light hair colors. Start experimenting with trendier hair colors and never look back.Modern Hair HighlightsOil-Slick Highlights

Vibrant, bright and shiny oil-slick highlights are the best for brunettes. They are glamorous and charming. Instead of the monochrome and dull brunette hair colors you should take the first step and opt for rainbow tones. Once you add oil-slick highlights on long brunette hair you make it eye-catching and playful. Try bright blue, purple, red, pink, yellow and other similar tints.Modern Hair Highlights 2017Burgundy Highlights

Violet and burgundy highlights are other crazy shades for dark locks. They complement black and dark brown hair. Place them at the tips and get ombre-looking effect. There are also dark burgundy balayage hair colors, which go well with loose waves. Women with naturally brunette hair have the chance to inspire even blondes with these hairstyles.Burgundy Highlights 2017Slicing Highlights

As for slicing highlights they are out of style only when hair is long. Short haircuts are gorgeous with slicing highlights in bod shades. Ask your hair colorist for edgy and flattering highlights that can bring out the structure of your short hair. Be it pixie, bob or an asymmetrical haircut it will display its beauty with the help of right highlights. Besides, slicing highlights are trendier than chunky ones.slicing highlights on short hair 2017Denim Blue Highlights

This is a stunning and capturing hair highlighting idea for blonde and brown-haired beauties. It’s the denim hair color trend that goes well with ashy shades and silver tones. You may make a mixture and highlight your hair with the desired hues. The result is generally a sophisticated and light effect reminding us of your favorite denim jeans.denim highlights 2017Caramel Highlights

Dark hair? Don’t worry. There is a hot solution to make it prettier. Caramel highlights are waiting for your choice. These cute and warm brown tones placed on deep brown or black hair add depth, dimension and make hair look richer in hues. Thin-haired women can use thick to change up the sleek and dull look of their hairstyles. Caramel highlights don’t ask hair length. They are cool on short and long hair equally. Just pay attention to the hairstyles you match with them.Caramel Highlights