How to Highlight Hair

Everyone knows how trendy hair highlighting technique is. It’s perhaps the most used hair styling method that the majority of women try. Like many other trends this one also has advantages and disadvantages and if you have decided to apply highlights on your hair keep on reading to know how it is done. There are various options in how to highlight hair and we’ll represent the best highlightingFirst of all you are expected to make sure you are not allergic from chemicals. Before applying any hair dye on your hair try to do a 48hours skin test. Apply some dye on your hand and leave it for about 2 days to see it’s reaction. If it won’t harm your skin then you can use hair dye on your hair. But if there is an allergic reaction you should immediately stop the process.

Follow the step by step process to know how to highlight your hair.

1. Plastic gloves: Don’t forget to put on plastic gloves before applying hair dye.

Chemicals in color desired: To achieve the desired result add highlights blonde and pink hair colors2. It’s recommended to dye your hair if it’s dry and not wet. Your natural oils protect it from the chemicals you use.

Note: Though it’s a bit expensive to find perfection, but if have decide to get a smashing result you should also think of it’s quality. So, take expensive highlight chemicals to be on the safe side.

3.  Read the instructions written on the box  and don’t trust on the images shown on the box.  It’s better to read carefully and not hurry up.  bright highlights4. Now, that you have already put on your plastic gloves on your hands you can blend the ingredients following the written directions. Try to mix thoroughly to get a perfect merged mixture.

5. Apply the mixture on your hair and let it for as long as the instructions demand. If you think that the color gets too light you can rinse earlier. Be sure to wash all the mixture from your hair and if there is an additional conditioner use it to protect the new hair color of your hair.

6. The most important thing in highlighting is to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS carefully and make sure you are really ready to dye your hair.  Try to be as careful as possible to avoid bad effects or failed results. If you don’t want to go for risky steps you can just visit a beauty salon and ask the hairstylist provide you with the desired hair color. Perhaps this is the easiest version.Katy perry highlights