Hottest Hair Color Trends 2015-2016

Transforming your look by hair color is the best way of getting a new and smashing appearance. Fashionable ladies that follow trendy hairstyles and hair colors may find this article quite useful since it provides the hottest hair color trends 2015-2016. The trendiest hair colors are collected just here and we offer you hair colors you can match with your complexion according to your skin tone. Let’s start!

Ombre hairOmbre hair 2016If you follow the rules of stylish hair dying perhaps you have already hurtled with the fascinating ombre technique. It’s a professional way of dying roots with darker and tips with lighter shades. Combining two hair colors that go with each other will create an incredible image. If you want to frame your face you can ask your hairstylist add light shade on your tips that don’t go beyond chin.

Strawberry blonde hair

Among blonde hair colors you can find the recent trendy strawberry hair color that goes with warm hair color and light eye hue. It works with the locks near your face framing your face features beautifully.  If you want glossier result dye your entire hair with dark strawberry blonde hair color. This hair color is sported by many celebrities who have already managed to prove that it’s one of the best shades of blonde. The best thing about strawberry blonde is that it is something between red and blonde hair colors and due to it the hues is quite rich.Strawberry blonde hair 2016Brunette hair: dark and light shades

There are both dark and light shades for brunette hair color. Though it is basically meet as a natural hair color but many women choose it as a permanent hair dye. If you have dull and damaged hair you can easily hide them with dark brunette hair color. Dying your hair with any brunette shade you won’t need to think of touch ups often as this hair color doesn’t fade quickly.Brunette hair chestnut 2016Rainbow hair colors

Tired of monotone or common hair colors? Try rainbow hues making your appearance unique and more interesting. Adding rainbow highlights on your monotone hair you’ll bring out a funny and nice look that differs from others. It goes without saying that rainbow colors grab more attention and are always in the center of attention. If you like you can use temporary hair dyes like hair chalks that can easily be removed. Rainbow hair colors on braidPastel hair colorspastel hair colors2016And finally the most delicate and tender hair dyes: pastel hair colors. These colors are so fairy and eternal that they allure most women. The lightest hues of bright purple, blue, orange, pink and green make your look very feminine and subtle. You can go either for a monotone pastel hair color or add some pastel highlights on your light hair color. This is very trendy for 2015-2016. Having them on long hair or on braids will be more beautiful.pastel hair colors 2016