Cutest Hair Highlights for 2017

Time to time highlights are evolved and changed with modern effects. Besides the traditional chunky and slicing highlights there are also balayage, sombre and colombre hair highlights for 2017. Women with strong desired to impress people with their enhanced and shinier hair colors opt for the latest cute hair highlights. If you are one of them, open the doors for the trendiest options of highlights for different base shades.Cutest Hair Highlights for 2017Rainbow Highlights

These are becoming quite requested. Rainbow highlights are one of the most eye-catching solutions for dull hair. They bring life and enhance the beauty of your base shade. Blondes can experiment with pastel tones, while brunettes are welcome to go for darker rainbow shades. You can place them either on the medium parts or on face framing strands. Some like to add these bright shades at the tips.Natural-Looking Highlight

Side by side we see natural-looking highlights for different hair colors. Your next stylish solution can be blonde, brown or reddish highlights depending on your base shade. This effortless style is also low-maintenance and looks beautiful even in faded effects. In order to warm up your hair colors and complexion you should pick warmer tones of blonde or brown. Those who want to lighten up their dark base hair must consider cooler hues.Cutest Hair Highlights for 2017Balayage Highlights

Another natural-looking way to highlight hair is the use of the trendy balayage style. It compliments most hair colors and is beautifully achieved on long hair. Balayage is really a stunning for brunets. It adds both warmth and lightness. Keep the roots in a dark tone like in the case of ombre hair colors and highlight the rest with lighter brown, blonde or any other shade.Oil-Slick Highlights

If you have dark brunette hair and want to highlight it with rainbow effects there is the newest trend called oil-slick. It is a shiny solution when you don’t want to go for bleaching but still seek for a nice combination of bright hues. Oil-slick highlights replace many other vibrant highlighting ideas for dark hair colors.Vibrant Highlights

Eye-catching and dramatic hair colors are not always achieved by monotone shades. There are also vibrant hair highlights that go well with various hair colors from the lightest to the darkest. The only thing you need to consider is the chosen tones and hues. Try to choose the most suitable tints according to your base shade as highlights look nice only if they are well-balanced and harmonious with base shades.