Crazy Dip-Dye Hair Color Ideas 2017

Dip-dye hair colors are either natural-looking or quite crazy and unnatural. This time we’ll speak about the trendiest dip-dye hair colors for 2017. You ma like many rainbow hair colors but dip-dye is something subtler and nicer. There are ideal solutions for any hair color and base shade. Find out yours and enjoy this year with your unique hairstyle.Crazy Dip-Dye Hair Color Ideas 2017Red Dip-Dye Hair Color

Red hair colors are generally combined with black or dark brown hair. They take away the dull effect from black hair and make it brighter, more attractive and glamorous. Have a look at this cutie. She has taken her black hair to the next level with the help of red dip-dye hair color. This will be a hot effect for light complexions. Darker-skinned ladies can experiment with burgundy red shades instead.Red Dip-Dye Hair Color 2017Pink Dip-Dye Hair Color

If you have blonde hair then there is the pink dip-dye hair color. This replaces the red shade as pink is more flattering for blonde hair than reddish hues. Pink dip-dye makes blonde hair brighter and more feminine. Pink is the most girlish hue that goes well with light complexions and light eyes. You can dye only the tips of your blonde locks in this hue and you’ll be done with a fascinating hairstyle.Pink Dip-Dye Hair Color 2017Black Dip-Dye Hair Color

Have you ever seen black shade added to the tips of blonde hair? There she goes this stunning celebrity. She is a big fan of blonde hair colors and likes to highlight it with other hues. The most interesting thing about her hair color is that it’s worn on super short hair. While others place dip-dye hair colors on long hair, she has decided to do it with her short bob haircut.Black Dip-Dye Hair Color 2017Purple Dip-Dye Hair Color

Depending on your base hair color your purple dip-dye shades can be light or dark. Light purple hair colors are lavender and lilac and darker shades are velvet and plum. Choose the most flattering tone of purple and wear it at the tips. If you want to lighten up your brown hair then go for light purple shades. Richer effects can be provided by bright purple tones.Purple Dip-Dye Hair Color 2017Pastel Dip-Dye Hair Color

Does this image inspire you to lighten up your dark hair? So, start thinking differently and prove everyone that pastel shades are suitable for dark locks too. Make a big change in your look by adding pastel tones only at the ends of black or dark brown hair. Bleach it beforehand.Pastel Dip-Dye Hair Color 2017