Crazy Anime Hair 2015-2016

On of the trendiest hairstyles for 2016 is the anime style that offers crazy solutions making you look like a doll. Sometimes you can see this style on runways and in daft parties. The soft and aesthetic looks they bring drives us mad and makes us think of the characters we have seen in Japanese movies. And this is actually the Japanese style that inspires many stylist girls. The most interesting thing in this hairstyles is that just styling your hair is not enough to get the desired look. You should also change your hair color radically. Only in this case you can get an anime style. Of course next comes clothing which is easier to achieve compared with the hair colors. Today we’ll represent crazy anime hair 2015-2016 and if you have decided to go for a fashionable and radical change here are cool examples.

Blonde Anime HairBlonde Anime Hair 2015-2016 Since Asians mostly have dark hair colors going for a light blonde can be brave enough. You can see many anime characters wearing this very shade of blonde. If you have dark hair then you are supposed to go for bleaching to get a light blonde hair color but those that have natural blonde hair color can easily get this effect.Playing a role of a pixie, goddess or a fairy tale character you can style your subtle blonde hair by curling and adding floral accessories.Blonde Anime Hair curly 2015-2016Pink Anime Hair

Since anime provides us with common hair colors as well as with weird choices you can choose any color you like. Here we see pink anime hair with a monotone pink hue and a pigtail hairstyle. This hair color best goes with fair skin tones.Pink Anime Hair 2015-2016Another pink hue closer to peachy pink can look nicer decorated with black accessories that bring out the prettiness of this shade. For more artificial and dolly look you can take light shiny pink hair color.Pink Anime Hair long 2015-2016

Pink Anime Hair 2015-2016Orange Anime Hair

Closer to pink shades this orange hair color is reflected with it’s light and darker shades. It goes with fair to medium skin complexions and looks nice with a subtle makeup.Orange Anime Hair 2015-2016

Pastel Green Anime Hair

Pastel colors are in thing today and many girls go for different shades of pastel. Pastel green or hues of mint look tender bringing a calm touch to your appearance. They look nice both on long and short haircuts. Here the chosen hairstyle is long pigtails that is matched with the interesting costume.Pastel Green Anime Hair 2015-2016Red Anime Hair

If you have always dreamed of red hair, here is the brightest shade of it. This hair color allows you match it with different styles and costumes. It looks pretty on any hairstyle and suits fair to medium skin tones as well as dark skin complexions.Red Anime Hair 2015-2016White Blonde Anime Hair

White blonde looks awesome combined with medium to warm skin complexions and brings out the beauty of your skin tone. It can also highlight your pretty dark eyes. With a bold eye makeup you can get an amazing look. Apply a subtle lipstick and wear headdress to get ready for a fairy party.White Blonde Anime Hair 2015-2016