Cool Silver Hair Color

When we say silver hair color we generally mean that shiny grey shade that is used as a new trend in fashion world. We see not only silver jewelry, silver colored shoes and cloths but also silver hair dye. Though it’s not easy to achieve but we see many fashionable ladies going for this unique and special hair color. It’s monotone effect looks amazing on thinner hair and is perfect with some light highlights on thicker hair.silver hair color Short, medium and long hairstyles can be dyed with this tint without any limitations. Many call silver hair color as granny hair color because we usually see it on adult women and it’s a natural hair color but getting it on a young woman’s hair looks strange and sophisticated at the same time. It seems as if you don’t avoid grey hair and even you can appreciate it’s shiny and glossy effect.silver hair 2016Before you go for this hair color make sure it’s the thing you really want and then find a professional hair colorist because as we have already mentioned it’s not an easy task to gain silver hair color. The risky change you are going to go through also may damage your hair by bleach.  6 months before dyeing your hair don’t apply any other hair color so that your hairstylist can bleach your base hair color. 1-2 weeks before applying hair dye get a deep-conditioning treatment as bleach will make your hair dry and damaged no matter what you sue to recover it. 48 hours before dying don’t wash your hair. The natural oils produced by your scalp will protect your hair. Finally you should cut off some length of your hair leaving the healthier. Mentally prepare yourself for this hair color. Be ready to see you with it and imagine how it will look on you.shiny silver hair color

silver blue hair color

silver hair color 2016

silver hair color on curly hair

silver hair color with highlightsIf you have natural blonde hair then it will be a bit easier for you to achieve silver hair color. But dark or red hair colors should be bleached till blonde so that silver color can reflect beautifully. You will need to go through two bleaching processes to get the final bleach ready for silver color. After bleaching your hair colorist will apply a toner and then the grey hair dye which will have purple hue. After 30 minutes you should wash your hair. Prices for this hair color vary depending on the salon you choose.nice silver hair color

silver hair color

silver hair color2016

silver hair dye