Cool Hair Color Ideas 2015-2016

One of the easiest and quickest ways of transforming into another lady is hair coloring. Radical hair color change can make your appearance totally different and can highlight your real beauty.  You can make your own style and stand out from the crowd. By your new look you can also inspire many women that are eager for new changes. Today it’s more fashionable to go for half hair coloring instead of entire coloring which keeps hair from damaging. In this case you dye only some part of your hair making tow or tree hair coloring effect which is more attractive than monotone style. Keeping the rest of your hair the way it is you protect it from harmful chemical products that hairstylists used to use. In this article we represent cool hair color ideas 2015-2016 that are easy achieved and don’t demand much money.

Ombre tipsblonde orange ombreThose beautifies that have long hair ombre technique can reflect it’s fine effect on your locks. You can dye the crown part of your hair with one color and starting from middle to the end with another. If you have shorter hair like medium length, it can look like a regular ombre that looks very beautiful. For 2015-2016 take softer and lighter hair colors choosing shades of green, pink or purple. Dye your tips about 5-7 inches with a nice airy hue that is totally differing color from your current hair color.white blonde pink ombre hairReverse ombre

If you have already experimented with the regular ombre and want more attractive option you can go for darker roots and lighter shade if the same hair color. It can make two or three tone effect but if done right the ombre style will capture our attention. It may not look that natural but will be quite beautiful.reverse ombre hair color

purple ombreUse hair chalks

The easiest way of changing your hair color is the use of hair chalks. If you don’t want long lasting hair coloring you can choose pretty colored chalks and apply it on the sections you want to make colored. It can bring a highlighting effect and depending on your taste you can make it either light colored or chalk on long hair

hair chalk on braidsUnder layer

Under layer style is more eye-catching especially when you style updos or ponytails. Leaving your natural hair on the top the way it is and dying under layers will allow your “secret” highlights show off their beauty only when you shake your head or when the wind brings out them.under layer blue highlightRandom fun streaks

If you need a crazy and cool effect you can use the highlighting technique and dye some layers of your hair with bright hues like pink, blue or purple. The effect will be flashier if you choose the brightest shades. In this case you can also use hair chalks which offer various vivid colors that can easily be removed from hair. random pink highlights