Colorful Hair Colors for summer 2016

When changing our hair color we feel as if we are different and people around us think that have changed. Yes, changing something in your appearance also has the ability to change your mind and mood. But have you ever thought about a radical hair color change? Here we are going to show you Colorful hair colors for summer 2016.Summer Hair color 2016You can mix two or more different bright colors that go with each other. A smart approach towards this style is demanded as the result should be beautiful and not just a mixture of two hues. Pay attention to your skin tone and eye color to match the colors of your hair. Multi-tone colors allow you put together such hues that differ from each other but still look great when combined.

Multi tone Hair color 2016Then, if you are fun of ombre style you can have it in a colorful way. Dye your roots with one color and gradually turn your endings with another shade. For example, take a dark color and combine it with an orange hue. Having your roots darker and your endings so bright will make a fiery look. There are millions of versions to get ombre hairstyle. You can take cool tones for fall and winter seasons and warmer and brighter colors for spring and summer seasons. Ombre is the rocking style for 2016.Ombre Hair color 2016Highlights always look stylish and they also have the ability to give volume to your hair. They look beautiful in all shades. For summer months it’s preferable to have colorful highlights as they are brighter and hotter like the sun which “likes” to play with your hair shades. You can for instance; mix orange and purple or red and orange hues and the rich color combination will make your hair hotter.  Though this can be a radical and risky change but each summer loves to be different.Colorful Multi-Tone HairSo, try out one of these solutions during hot summer months matching them with your complexion and eye color and enjoy the warmness, attractiveness and tenderness of your look.