Celebrities with Crazy Colored Hair

Different celebrities experiment with different styles creating their own style that inspires many women. Their stylists do their best to make them look differing and stand out from the crowd. A good way of changing their appearance is hair color transformation. So far we have seen many celebs with standard hair colors represented in new ways and now it’s time to show the celebrities with crazy colored hair. Some of celebrities get smashing effects by their new hair color and some fail and both cases become much discussed. To know which are the best options you are supposed to have a look at the following examples.

Demi Lovato Blue Hair ColorDemi Lovato Blue Hair ColorThis adventurous look of Demi is very flashy and vivid. She seems to be a flashy from our lovely and colorful cartoons. The shades of blue; brighter on roots and lighter on ends, looks very harmonious. Demi is a natural brunet and as you see she loves radical transformations and finds the best solutions for her changes. To be hones we can say this hair color suits her and even makes her more attractive.

Kelly Osbourne Lavender Hair ColorKelly Osbourne Lavender Hair ColorAmong the most delicate hair colors you can find shades of purple like lavender. It’s the lightest shade of purple closer to lilac color and looks very nice if matched with the right skin tone. As you see Kelly Osbourne found the best crazy hue for her hair that also compliments her skin complexion with pink undertones. Her dark eye makeup brings out her pretty green eyes that make a balanced look along with the subtle pink lipstick. Side swept curls make her look younger and show off the shiny shade of lavender.

Rihanna Red HairRihanna Red HairRihanna is one of the celebrities that know how to match hair colors with her dark skin tone. She always chooses hair color that goes with her stunning look. This time she has experimented with a fiery shade of red that looks both crazy and elegant. On her thick hair this monotone effect brings out a perfect result allowing her sparkle with her unique look.

Katy Perry Pink Hair ColorKaty Perry Pink Hair ColorKaty has sported many crazy hair colors and pink is another crazy color. This light shade that works with her fair skin tone looks incredible by the hairstyle she has chosen to combine with it. The colorful head accessory makes a harmonious image complimenting the pink hair color. She looks very beautiful.

Nicki Minaj Rainbow HairNicki Minaj Rainbow HairHave you heard about crazy rainbow hair color? Here they are. This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t speak about Nicki’s original look. Here you see different hair colors but the dominant color is cloned on her roots. Rainbow colors on the ends seem to have gradual darkness that makes the entire look a kind of balanced. As you see it is matched with her rainbow makeup too.